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A moment of silence for B4-D4

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In all this talk about the cut endings (which were spectacular) and the cut HK factory, we have neglected one of the more interesting cuts made - B4-D4. If you take him out through the station while you have him, you can do several interesting things, including persuade the protocol droid down at the docks to start collecting a fee from every traveler - payable to a numbered account accessible only to B4-D4. I recall there being a nice interaction with the droid maintenance tech too... [edit: you can blackmail Opo - he's been repeatedly memory-wiping B4-D4, probably to cover up his padded bills, and he charges for the memory-wipes too!]


And after, if you let him go, he's in the travel lounge [with the newly homocidal T1-N1], headed to Nar Shadaa. Originally, I expect the plan was for Goto to acquire some competition, or a henchman, or both.


R.I.P. an elaborate plotline involving the adventures of B4-D4.


[i would have loved seeing them again, or just hearing about them Zherron: "The strangest thing just happened - a protocol droid came through and bilked the Dantooine scavengers in a rigged game of pazaak! I tell you, if you can't trust droids, who can you trust? PC: HK-47, don't answer that...]

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Someone said they did those things. But they have to be done while you are in control of the droid. I just took him straight there I didnt bother wandering around as him so I dont know if they work or not.


Maybe on game 5 I will see what he's capable of.


I doubt he was ever intended as a character. The character screen would look wrong with 11 slots for one thing.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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