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The problem with the story

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When you add in the deleted lines and put them near the end, it really creates a sense of a climax, everything happening to lead to one point.


Unfortunately, I felt that the climax without the deleted parts leads to the climax being when you meet the masters at Dantooine, giving you several hours of falling action and no resolution.


What was Kreia's reference to Mira's "true father" at the end? Her true father was never even brought up until that, creating a question and not an answer. Somehow I think her true father was Canderous, but I'm not sure why.


The problem with most of the romance quests was that the dialogue one could have was very good, but it didn't go deep enough. The romance wasn't quite as cliche as with Revan and Bastila, but nothing ever came out of the relationships. The ending with Visas was odd because you go from hardly knowing anything about her to her loving you all of a sudden.

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