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KOTOR2: Hottest Female Character

Who was the hottest female character in KOTOR2?  

526 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was the hottest female character in KOTOR2?

    • Visas Marr
    • Mira
    • Handmaiden
    • Kreia
    • Exile (female)
    • Master Atris
    • Master Lonna Vash
    • Queen Talia
    • Luxa
    • I'm not into women..........

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When I saw her in her underwear it was great, but when I saw her walking around and fighting in that gold bikini !! whoa moma !!


Visas is great too, but my vote really goes to the handmaiden, there was something about her character, I did develop her more too.

I should give you guys the wallpaper that I created for myself and my friend (who is completely in love with Handmaiden). I personally like Visas Marr, but I haven't had a chance to make a wallpaper for her yet....


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Damn staight!  Why couldn't it have been stupid Vrook who died in that cage...not the sweet lovely Master Vash.  :">


I almost spit my drink. :shifty:


True though. Eversince KotOR1, he's been such a rough person. At least he admits when he's wrong.

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Hey Zoi, that wallpaper's da bomb.


Just a comment on Vrook, I really did enjoy slaying him in my DS game, put him in his place nicely. When I played LS, it wasn't my intention to kill him, but when Kreia just cancelled him and the other jedi, it felt kind of empty.

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Visas was everything men look for in women: beautiful, kind, and submissive. Mira was too uppity and bitchy, Handmaiden too strong and independent. So naturally, Visas will win the poll.


That's a joke, right? Hasn't anyone taken Visas to Onderon? Specifically, to your first meeting with Kavar?


"This cantina is infested with life. A few well-place grenades may clense it."


She has similar responses to just about every kind thing you do as far as I can tell. On my "Violent Sociopaths of KOTOR" scale, I'd rank her just behind HK-47.


If you like that kind of thing, cool. Just be sure that you like the character for what she actually is.


As for the original poll question: The Exile. Kreia is too old, Atris is too stuck-up, Vash is too bit-part, Visas has only half her face visible, I haven't played using a male exile yet, so I have no idea about the Handmaiden, Luxa and the Twin Suns are too alien, and Talia has a weird accent. The Exile's only competition is Mira, but I think the Exile is a better character.

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Normally I'd vote for Bastila or Visas, but Master Lorna Vash was a good way of showing that the Jedi Council can produce women far better looking than Atris. :wub::thumbsup:


Anyone who voted Kreia...*shivers after trying to warm self next to a thermal detenator blast*

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Normally I'd vote for Bastila or Visas, but Master Lorna Vash was a good way of showing that the Jedi Council can produce women far better looking than Atris.  :wub:  :thumbsup:


Anyone who voted Kreia...*shivers after trying to warm self next to a thermal detenator blast*


Better then voting for the Administrator of Khoonda...

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It is unfair to compare real lass with pixelated girls.


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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Why do so many immature little kids (and sadly, a few people) automatically assume that short hair on women is "man hair" or "manly". If the girl can pull it off, short hair is very hot on them. Open up a hair magazine, thousands of women have short hair and are still drop dead georgeous. Handmaiden is one of them. Some people need to grow up and get over such small stupid things. Also put into consideration that people who have had cancer and lost their hair may be browsing the forums, how does that make them feel when they hear people making fun of girls with short/no hair? Think before you right such stupid things down.


Anyways...I voted for Mira. Love her attitude (her attitude towards men was really good) and her hairstyle and the fact that she was the best bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa at that time. She was sassy but was cool and serious when she needed to be.

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1. Atris (concept art) - maybe not sexy but she's got the whole "wedding/angelic beautiful" memorable look, and the good-looking custom robes ala Bastila

2. Handmaiden

3. Mira


Visas Marr (Kelly Hu VO) has great voice but character has no eyes.


(but no one can outgun Bastila)


Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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While I don't find any of the Knights female cast naughty-thought provoking outside of Bastila Shan, I will comment on The Sith Lords cast concerning depth.


None of the characters were beautiful. They were, to be blunt, horrible. Atrocious. I found their lines tacky, and the cheesy raunch-factor each one of them brought to the game was tasteless.


Mira was such a... such a... there's no word but I'll say she's a crap character and it destroyed the whole thing Star Wars had going with tasteful women who were either high class or at least proper or capable and had depth. Same with Handmaiden -- the whole 'Echani dueling with only undergarments' thing was such a tacky add-on that I never even interacted with her throughout the game except when absolutely necessary.


Ask yourself this: if it was such a necessity than why wasn't she just naked -- if she 'doesn't care' she'd be naked - an exhibisionist. It was just a character to draw the complete low-lifes into staring at a graphically rendered woman with a crew cut -- I'm not that low-life of a person and I found the replacement of a sensible and solid character with that of a 'hot babe' (hurl) to be one more thing to add on the 'Sith Lords Hatred Wagon.'


With Bastila, while you can say she was annoying, she had depth -- perhaps the most indepth character in the first game excluding Revan, and while her attire was silly it was something that brought together the conservative Leia and the tight-form fitted clothing of Padme Naberrie and I thought BioWare did it quite well. She had a real issue that Lord Vader even faced -- the loss of their rock and their loving parent and if you played it, you could see it added to her downfall: her interactions with Revan led to it, and if you played a male, she found love in you to be the safest thing in the world -- that's depth. I don't care what Obsidian says about realism when it comes to love but Star Wars is a different universe and George Lucas has shown us both in the OT and the PT that love blossoms quickly and Bastila was such a superb character that it fit really well.


With the characters you get in The Sith Lords, you have no conclusions and you have no reason to care as to what happens to them -- why do you think so many people want Bastila back? Why do you think so many people care about her living being canonical and a set thing in the third game? She's a solid character -- she's a beautiful character story-wise and not one NPC character -- not even Kreia -- in Sith Lords could come close to Bastila's depth when you intercated with her and utilised her in the game.

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