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Revan, Malak and the Exile

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malak was the one that discovered the true power of the star forge, he is not just a total brute who doesnt think. though its obvious hes a guardian because if you run from him in the final battle, he uses force jump sometimes. revan could have been a guardian....his robes do grant a strength bonus, and as malak states, he only saw a huge fleet coming out of the star forge to crush the republic....so i dunno >_<

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Revan was Military trained so he could be a more skillful Guardian than Malak.


Revan is much Like General Patton of the US during WW2.


Both of them are brillant Rebellious Military Leaders.



Both of them inspire their troops to victory.


Both of them gotten in trouble with Authoiry.

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I See Revan as a Guardian more than a consular, because the only actuall movie representations of Revan are when he fights bastilla before he was captured, and he weilded a lightsaber is snazzy fashion, and prepare to do lightsaber combat, and also in kotor2 we see Revan duel wielding, not really a sign of a consular/jedi master. Its obvious Revan was powerfull, he's probably just like Anakin, jsut damn good at everything, but more intelligent than Anakin..


Exile im really stuck over, im just starting a new game and im trying to figure out the Exile charectar. :ermm:


Before he left for the mandalorian wars i cans ee him as a Guardian, gets exiled and becomes a sentinal (high skill and turnig invisible and hiding), and comeing back to know space, and being the only jedi, would surly fill him with force power, so i can see a jedi master, and seeing as he's the only jedi left it would be betetr for him to be a jedi master, so he can start up the new jeid order with good teaching, not 'this is how u slice someone up' :wub:


but i hate playing consular/jedi master in kotor cus it gets so boring, you jsut spam force wave/kill/lightning, and in the movies you dont see yoda and palpatine running around throwing force powers all the time, they jsut use their lightsaber loads (apart from fighting each other)


Im tempted to go with sentinal - weapon master but still boost charmisma and wisdom (esp with handmaindens wisdom -defence boost)


Incase you hadnt noticed i like to make my kotor games exact history, so i can think back on them and say 'yeh, thats what happend to the exile. :">


So maybe, Exile at the start with high skills and con, then seeing as kreia teaches him about the force and so, takes the jedi master route? also seeing as his main attributes are his force bonds and how he can make friends/allies easily, this would suggest many traits of a jedi master (shame they are boring as hell to play, i'll jsut have to pump str and dex as well as wis and char :s, lvl 50 cheat coming up...) :D

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Malak- Guardian, obviously


Revan- I've always though of Revan as a Sentinel because he seems to have had a lot of skills.  He built HK-47 and he seemed to be very persuasive.


Exile- I'm not really sure, not a really a Consular though.

I like the sentinel class, even if its not really pnp class, 3 of my fellow pnp-ers use it in pnp too (w00t)


(sorry to not being on topic for this one :"> )


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Despite the necro-posting...


imo, Revan is either a sentinel or a consular. Sentinel because the description was that its the light that hunts the darkness (or some such) and Revan seems to do just that on many, many occasion, or a consular - because Revan seeks to bring balance. (or something).


He fits any of the roles, but I can't really picture him as a guardian because... Revan has a finesse over brute force imo, which a guardian may lack.


As for the exile - it really doesn't matter.

HK47: Commentary: It is not possible to destroy the master. It is suggested that you run while my blasters warm, meatbags.

Bastila to Revan: You are easily the vainest, most arrogant man I have ever met!

Canderous to Bastila: Insults? Maybe if your master had trained your lightsaber to be as quick as your tongue you could have escaped those Vulkars, you spoiled little Jedi princess!

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Revan, regardless of class, A good build for him, He needs a tri class system for him.


Revan is a POWERFUL Warrior.



Mandalore, Yusani, Darth Bandon and Darth Malak are a few of the Most powerful warriors that he face and defeat in his life.



Mandalore=A capable Leader and A powerful warrior(a good mandalorain are good warriors)


Yusani=A Capable General and equally as powerful and graceful of a Echani Warrior.


Darth Bandon= A Powerful Sith Assassin and Killed many Jedi when He was alive.


Darth Malak=A Powerful Commander under Revan During the Mandalorian Wars Also the Best friend of Revan(so He will know much of Revan's strageties also Strenghts and weakness). Also Malak was crushing the Republic after Revan's supposed Death.




So Revan is a capable Warrior as well as a Stragtist.



I do see him as cross of Sun Tzu(the Stragtist) and Miyamoto Musahi(A undefeated Warrior).

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Basically, Jedi dont have classes, they just have different levels of power, yoda may be a jedi master, and mace windu a jedi weapon master, but generally jedi who are strong in the force tend to be good at everything, this is how i see Revan and Th Exile, but seeing as we're talking about a game...





Revan - Scout/Guardian




rushed to war instead of waiting for the council, not a very consular thing to do


knows war well


fights with 2 lightsabers, according to kotor 2


also had high skills, due to building Hk and stuff (scout)


Obviously either way it doesnt matter, Revan would still whoop anyones ass,cus he;s sjut pwoerfull at everything, but in the games i play him as a guardian.




Obviously a Weapon Master




the whole story behind him is that he survived without the force for 10 years where no other jedi could, so this leads us to believe he isnt exactly amazing with force powers.


true he can establish force bonds easily, but he steals force powers off others and doesnt actually have his own force-base.


+the game is blatently bias towards the weapon master choice.. :D


i could go on for days about it, seeing as i an very knowlagable about kotor 1 and 2, but im tired and kaba

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On 2/20/2005 at 3:15 AM, MaglorD said:


"they" can be a neutral singular pronoun in standard English. In older usage, "he" was used but then the feminists objected.


In answer to the OP, Malak I agree was a Jedi Guardian and Revan a Consular based on their clothing. We didn't really see any video footage of what the exile wore so it's harder to tell.

If only you knew how unfortunately controversial that statement would be 20 years later.


Two decades later and players still can't decide what Revan's most "canon" class was, I suppose that's a part of it

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