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Rockstar publishes KOTOR3

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I remember someone on these forums suggesting Rockstar should publish KOTOR3... and let's say Rockstar North developed it. This would rock. My friend and I discussed how this would play out and had some fun.



Darth Ryder...Rydero, yes. Darth Rydero and Darth Biggis Smokith are out killing off all the Jedi. Then your character, Carlin Jonsin, has to stop them, whether being dark or light side.


Dialogue would be along the lines of 'Yo Jeedi, 'sup with ya tude?'


'Feel Da Force, homies, let it flow through ya ass'


'Letz do a train on that chick's loading ramp'


Enjoy Jedi/Sith gang wars, fight for turf or even planets!


Instead of flourishing your weapons/lightsaber, it'd go in slow motion, showing your weapons (doing a close up to check the 'bling'), then it'd go to your armor, then to your teeth (you can get awesome kortosis or crystal teeth mods).


If you're running low on health, you can pick up twi'lek hookers (Abundant at night everywhere in a city).


Stealing ships is no problem for your character, coordinate mass 'drivebys' with your 'saber wielding homies using swoopbikes or even fightercraft.


The better you dress, the more you impress the ladies, and the more you break the rule of 'No nookie for Jedi'.


Get some funky mad crystals for your 'saber, including red/blue swirled, and orange/white zigzag.


Pimp out your ship with more laser turrets, hydralics (you can jump up and down on your landing gear) or even some hyperdrive upgrades. I don't think ships have nitro.


Rock out to several music stations including: Cantina bith music, or 'rap' bands like SWA (Sithz With Attitude), Jolee Simpson, D20, Ol' Dirty Wookie, and much more!


....I'm all outta ideas and I gotta go. I'll post more later.

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"You are the LAST JEDI."




I am now. The game was too powerful, and I just succumbed to its power and agreed with it.... wans't worth fighting its 'logic' anymore.


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