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stuck at goto's ship...


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i'm really stuck at goto's ship. even though i play on easy, i still can't defeat those droids. In the first room with droids i already have great problems with them, and I geat defeated every time :p

what party do you think is best for going to goto's ship? any hints on how to do this? :\

if this isn't gonna work i guess i'll have to use cheats... sh*t :<

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There are a lot of droid enemies in the game, so I've found the stun droids line of force powers to be a good investment.

Unfortunately the Dark Side powers aren't as good as LS destroy droid against droids.



Although I really enjoyed Force Crush.

What extra Force power you get with each prestige class.


Jedi Master gets Force Enchament

Sith Maradeur get Force Crush.

the others??

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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