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Knights of the Old Republic 2: Good or Bad?

What did you think of KOTOR 2?  

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  1. 1. What did you think of KOTOR 2?

    • The Sith Lords was better than the original
    • It was on level footing with the first
    • It was ok
    • It was worse than the original
    • It was terrible
    • This game was so bad I didn't finish it

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I think K2 is a great game, but not as great as it could have been. I like K2's storyline better then K1 and I like the vast majority of K2's characters over the originals, with only the exception of Jolee and Bastila who I sorely miss.


The planets and evironments of K2 I like about equal to K1 as I like all the planets selected pretty much. I like K2's influence system but I miss K1's npc party subquesrs because those subplots made my npcs a little more interesting in learning about them instead of just being told their story strictly by them.


K2's villains are way superior I think, in particular the underused Nihilus.


I haven't run into that many bugs in K2 so far; some grammatical and pronunciation errors, whenever I try to talk to Atton in the Ebon Hawk he doesn't turn around so I'm talking to his back (This happened also on Telos with the guard that announces the Ithorian visitor), dialogue is skipped over a couple of times (Usually it has been T3's beeps but still a little annoying to skip through), some cutscenes seem poorly edited like the flight to the polar region of Telos the screen would fade in and out to balck as if it were bits of movie cut together unfinished (Don't know if that's a bug but it bothers) and once my PC ran off without me being able to control across the screen as if in Force Speed (Which I don't have) but I quickly recovered it (This had happened to me a lot in K1 until it was patched). Some of these affect my appreciation of K2.


Also the missing K2 dialogues posted in the spoiler forums, the hollow ending and the decision to finish in a cliffhanger depending on K3 to finish the story detract heavily of my liking of this game.


So in spite of the superior story, overall journey and characters I still like the original more because it gave me a greater sense of accomplishment when I finished it, as such I wanted to replay it again and again. K2 I'm replaying again just to see the different variations of DS/LS and romances and whatnot but not because I'm looking forward to its great ending and the satisfying feeling of accomplishing my journey, because I didn't.


If an expansion does come out and finishes this then there's a good possibility I'd like K2 more than K1. As it stands, the original I like better.

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Let's get something off my chest here: the KOTOR 1's ending sucked. I played it through once lightside, saw the ending, and vomited. Holy crap, big ceremony, you are the hero, wow... great... no one saw that coming... hey, thanks for making the entire struggle totally freaking worthless.

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Let's get something off my chest here: the KOTOR 1's ending sucked. I played it through once lightside, saw the ending, and vomited. Holy crap, big ceremony, you are the hero, wow... great... no one saw that coming... hey, thanks for making the entire struggle totally freaking worthless.


LoL... but it was very Star Wars... LS or DS. Remember the ending of the first one... New Hope? Big ceremony... medals... family picture? :ermm:"

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KotOR 2 is an overall great game that lacks polish. The story is compelling and engaging, taking a different tone from the standard SW fare that I'm sure everyone is familiar with in the movies. However, especially evidenced by the ending, the game was, for some reason or another, left with a rather hollow ending that breaks with the mood and the issues and leaves a great many questions open.





Some spoilers below. Read at your own risk.









My favorite part is the exploration of the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Instead of the general Light = good, Dark = evil equation, the Light side, via the Council, is presented as much more human and capable of error, instead of the nigh-perfect monolith of good it generally is seen as, and the Dark side is presented more as the unplesent aspects of the cycle of life, i.e. the Force, that are necessary, albiet painful, and good in a Machievellian sort of way. With the Dark side, things break and people die, but if they don't the consequences are worse, as presented by Darth Nihilus and the oblivion that he sybolizes and the other Sith seek.


There are some flaws, however. Party member explinations are sometimes buried, deep in influence lines, and I can see how people would miss them -- I did the first time through, before loading with a FAQ to gain more influence (saved from about half way through the game). The bugs are somewhat annoying; these can be fixed, whcih will hopefully occur.


However, the real disappointment is the ending, which breaks with the moral ambiguities and resolves in a hollow, anti-climactic resolution. The Jedi Council is vindicated by their choice to stay out of the war and the Dark side is reaffirmed as evil with the revelation that the oblivion represnted by the Sith, the villians of the story, was brought about by you in the war with your actions on Malakor V, and the oblivion that threatens to destroy the Force is placed squarely at the feet of the Dark side with Kreia's betreyal, since she was the one who introduced these ambiguties, and her credibilty was shot to hell wihen her design to destroy the Force is introduced.

Then you get into the last area, which you are unceremoniously dumped into without any party members or pre-ending meeting and no explination of what happened to anyone other than G0-T0 (and Myria, apparently, though I haven't played LS), and no mention of them is offered either, except for the Ebon Hawk falling into a pit. You then fight your way to Kreia, who reveals her plot, defeate her, and get a rather cut-and-dry epilogue (that still doesn't explain what happens to your allies), and then, despite your dialogue choices, get the same ending depending on if you are LS or DS. Along thematic lines, a conversation between Kreia about the role of the DS as part of the Force, as opposed to oblivion, would have been good and keeping with the previous themes listed above.

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