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BUG - 2nd time Dxun/Onderon

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The 1st time I was in the Mandalorian camp and ambushed by the sith, I did not kill all of them. I took the shuttle to Onderon.

Now after receiving the message to return to Dxun and meet Kavar, when I get to the mandalorian camp the sith are still there and interrupt the dialog. I tried skipping the dialog but I do not get the chance to select my 2 groups. Automatically, Atton is alone for the sith temple mission. Is there any way to fix this??

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I have the exact same problem, only worse. Here is my post: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=29904


When going back to Dxun to meet to meet Kelborn, the party is supposed to form up and infiltrate the Sith base. The glitch is that Atton is the character you control (no choice given in choosing the party) and the images of him and the enemies are not there (it

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