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Finished Game

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Hello All,


Just Finished the game, and i have to say i "LOVED IT".


There are some bugs, but overall it was truly a great gaming experiance.

I felt more like a jedi than i ever did in KOTOR 1 and the story was well done too.


Cant wait to play through again!


One more thing to say is, Once they get a patch out for, what i thought where small bugs, it will be even more fun to play.


Thanks Obsidian for doing a great job on expanding the KOTOR Game world!


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well, my copy should be coming today.



Hope you enjoy this game as much as i did, i feel it was well worth the wait. I dont have a Xbox (thank the Gods) and had wanted the game for christmas but got DENIED! LOL


Have fun! :D


from all the problems people are having, i am concerned, but from all the trouble OE and LA should get at least one patch out to fix whatever fatal bugs there are.


I don't mind waiting though, considering i had to wait until 1.03 patch came out for Kotor I before i could play....so i am used to waiting.


But from what i have seen, OE and LA don't seem to care much about the problems, they got their cash, but only time will tell if they really do care about their products after release.


I don't moan at the devs or publishers for unfinished games, i just expect them to patch them after release. (not too much to ask is it?) lol

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