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How Many Have gotten the game to work?

How many have gotten the game to work?  

99 members have voted

  1. 1. How many have gotten the game to work?

    • Yes-(perfectly)
    • Yes-(some glitches)
    • No-(black screen of death)
    • No-(won't even install)

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Yes, but with more than a few problems:


The autopatcher file isn't there


When I try and start the game it says there is no disc in the drive. but when I hit cancel the game loads just fine.


the game crashes at random (generally during a conversation or going into a new area but not always)


still have the exact same problem on dantooine as i did in KotOR1 (the frame rate dives seemingly at random makeing travel more than a little frustrating)


And sound seems to cut off or linger in odd spots (course that might be a problem with my sound card seeing as its kinda old)

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Just remember that most people that come to a tech support forum have problems they want to solve, and that will skew the results quite a bit (even if it wasn't already unscientific). For my part, the game works after I corrected the options to compensate for all the crashing problems (most I've seen in any game...ever).

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So far I'm stuck in the ice base and get the black screen of death. Not that I'm complaining just because Obsidian is being paid large amounts of money to make a game incompatable with ATI cards. Not that I'd want to start a rumor or anything. Not that I'm trying to diminish the status of some corporation who rushed out a product before completion, thus wasting countless irreplaceable hours of my leisure time while I surf these forums trying to fix my game-halting problems. Thank god for sarcasm, it's the only thing that keeps me going sometimes...

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After about 24 hours of utter frustration and some major tweaking I have finally overcome the black screen of death, crashing and serious slowdown. For the time being the game works fine on my laptop, although I don't expect this for one minute to last *crosses fingers*

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hehe, i thought:

"what these guys talking about, my games runs sweeter than honey, even with ATI"


thats until i reached Onderon and now as soon as i want to leave this plaet with the eboney hawk the game crashes with an windows error.


thx a lot, my weekend was ruined after trieing 6 hours to get around this.

new drivers etc.

and it didnt worked :)


now im pretty sure ill give this game back, its not playable for me and it seems im not the only one. in a half year i ask someone who have it and play it then.

now its thrown out time and money.

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