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I finished secret acedemy for the first time. When I board the Ebon Hawk a cutscene plays where a handmaiden says to Atris that the last one is missing. After that when I'm supposed to be in the Ebon Hawk the screen is blank. If I press the Esc key all the options appear. The map is blank and if I press Esc again the screen goes blank.

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secret academy


Yeah that really ruins the entire game, it's not worth playing now :)


I'm also getting this exact same problem, if you have a solution please PLEASE post, this is so annoying, tried reloading, skipping movies, nothing seems to work, just staring at a blank screen.


I also tried saving and loading the game after I get the black screen, I see a picture of my ship in the saved game but the load just stops in the middle of the progress bar and hangs there forever.

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