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How many Different Rulesets are there??

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The easiest way to understand a PnP rpg is to pick up a core book for a game that looks or sounds cool to you and read through it. That alone would answer far more questions than we could.

PnP RPG's are typically based as much or more on personal interaction and "Role-Playing" your character than on leveling up. Don't get me wrong, in most PnP games leveling up your character is still a factor, it's just not as big a deal as in CRPG's.

If you want to ease into something, I'd recommend something from Palladium Books. Such as the Palladium Fantasy RPG. Its a big system that's got a lot of (mostly optional) rules. It's fairly easy to understand, only requires the core book, and doesn't cost much (about $20 I think).

I'd recommend D20 Star Wars as a second option as I beleive it also only requires the main book to play. It costs a little more though.




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sohow do you level up?? side quests are the purpose of exp points no??? and that helps you level up to be stronger...


Well, you don't always level up or accumulate xp in PnP.

I run an AD&D campaign myself, but I grant xp on the basis of good role-playing alone, so killing any number of monsters or enemies won't matter in the slightest - I won't award xp for it. Period.

I will award xp for good decisions in the game, though. For example, if you've freed the peasant's daughter (no reward - peasants have no money) from an orc camp and the orcs discover you as you sneak out, then you could fight the orcs or you could run. Lots of players would fight since they gain xp that way, but doing so, you would endanger the life of the group and the peasant's daughter.

If she is indeed killed, then I'll guarantee you that you'll suffer heavy xp penalties for it, and even if she doesn't you still will in my game, since it was just a really stupid thing to do. I don't care if your 14th level paladin can carve up 50+ orcs in short order - the decision is just stupid by an sort of common sense, so you will be penalized for making it.

Rushing to the aid as the orcs prepare to sacrifice her to their evil god or some such is a completely different story, however.

Still, it depends entirely on what sort of game you enjoy. Some people enjoy killing monsters and collecting treasure. This is known as Hack 'n Slash. Others like exploring dungeons and making maps while doing so. Such games are called Dungeon Crawls. But I like neither of those much, so I stay clear of them.

PnP games don't often have sidequests because they tend to stop being sidequests and becoming real quests when the players focus on them. If players make a big issue out of something the GM thought was a footnote, then the GM will often put far more attention on it on the fly. I know I have in many situations.

This is not possible in CRPGs, however, because the programmers don't know who will be playing the game or what sort of choices they will make, so they have to allow for all the possibilities in advance, and unlike the GM they cannot spontaneously add to a sideplot in an instant if the situation calls for it.

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