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What if they announce TSL is delayed for PC

What would your reaction be?  

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  1. 1. What would your reaction be?

    • Glad. This will give them more time to fix bugs.
    • Glad. I need to learn patience.
    • Indifferent. I'm used to it by now.
    • Indifferent. I'm not getting it right away anyways.
    • Mad. They will delay it and not really fix it that much.
    • Mad. Walked all over... again...

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If they announced a delay, it better mean that they were adding content. Either way, I'd be glad, it would give me time to get a job so I could afford it.

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Have no problem with it, since I often wait for the first patch before playing a complex rgp game. Also would be nice to see that they do more polish to the game based on the feedback they got from the X-Box version.

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A delay would be alright if it meant a bug free game, where all the story elements cut to rush out the Xbox version were restored. In other words: Additional content is really the only acceptable excuse.


And from a realistic standpoint: If Obsidian ever hopes to sell another PC game again then they can't afford to tick more of their customer base off.

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Mad. Walked all over again.

I could understand the first delay, but there is truly no excuse for another.


I would be foaming in the mouth and saying this:





There you have it!

Another delay is not acceptable!

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