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PC & International Should Go GOLD Soon?

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I give my life willingly, for my playing KOTOR2.

Who needs real people when you have computer generated people in a game.

Who needs fresh air when half of it is polluted.

This Kotorian empire quickly became corrupt didnt it!



No!,The Kotorian Alliance didn't become corrupt, :p


who wants polluted air any way yuk!?:)



I prefer to be environmently freindly :cool: :)

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Master Jedi the Pink: Pink will own you all and crush the evil Kotorian empire


Master Jedi the Real: Woah, dud that too deep move to australia the air there is like woah too mad man, you can like totally not see it much, hug tree and live, spurn the trees and die


Master Jedi the Kotorian: We kills Gatsey yes, kills him, he stoles it from us our precious, nice kotor2, nice, we kills billy nows

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The Pink Side will either destroy you or convert you! Join Lady Kazic and Darth Gandalf in the Pink Side Academy! Know true power! PINK SIDE FOREVER!


Eh.. :p


Oh you fool. The Kotorians are nothing but wimps. Peace is a lie. There is only the Pink Side. Jedi-wannabes.  :)


I give in to the pink side.. :ph34r: :ermm:

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Lol you guys funny ^_^


I guess in a way I'm a Kotorian since I play that game a lot...



join us kotorians Dark jedi Master :D



Thats what a kotorian does....he/she doesn't give up....

they will tell the truth, they respect other civilizations and and they share knowledge that they learn...and best of all they get to learn about the charismatic leader Revan.... :cool:




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