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Would you buy a Director's Cut?  

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  1. 1. Would you buy a Director's Cut?

    • Yes, I would buy a Director's Cut
    • No, I would not buy a Director's Cut

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maybe not a directors cut, but a new release of the game with the following:


1) Cleaned up dialogs - updated dialogs for Visas and Handmaiden in the end game


2) The Droid planet being finished and inserted back into the game


3) The HK factory mission finished and re-entered


4) Polish for the existing missions (Jedi Redemption as a prime example)


5) Re-balancing the random loot table to make drops more contextually consistent with where the drop is taking place (dark jedi items more weighted in Korriban and Dxun, light jedi items more weighted on Dantooine and Telos)


6) Re-balancing the end game force powers. Lightning Storm and Force wave are still unbalanced in end game, just as they were in the original KOTOR


7) Fleshing out the end-game. Possibly re-balancing of the enemies on Malachor V, additional side battles, additional cutscenes explaining where Mira goes, and additional lines of Kriea's dialog to give more of a since of closer for the NPCs and the exile. Personally i'd like to see a slideshow of static images showing how things end up with Kriea providing a narrative over it.


Like many I also like what you propose, especially 7. However I don't like the static images, I'd rather full motion blending dialogue between the charcaters and ending with a final narrative of the events. I'm all for the closure though. And the multiple endings that the devs hinted at aside the LS/DS would also have been nice to give variety to the way the game turns out.


Would I buy the Director's Cut? Probably. Of course I wish if there had been any intention of making a Director's Cut it would have been the originally released version of the PC anyway like Chronicles of Riddick.

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the narrarative thing was a good idea, also fixing the frame rate drops during fights as well as giving the random loot generator have better items instead of givin u really gay things all the time and one good thing that you really could have used at the beggining of the game....but didnt....bastards.... anyways id buy it for around 30 bucks, especially if they put in the new hilt thing they were gonna do but cut out before beta testing, also deletion of convos with party members u already exhausted gaining influence from so u wont get mad when u keep doin the same lines...like wit visas marr its kinda bs. also the hk planet factory, but i dont really care about that cuz i thinks hk is tied into kotor3. and Revan kept him around as a reminder of what he found or somethin.

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