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Where do you believe the true majority lies?

What gamer group is the majority?  

55 members have voted

  1. 1. What gamer group is the majority?

    • True Gamer (doesnt matter what type of game)
    • Complex RPG Gamer (BG, Gothic, PST, FO, NWN)
    • Hack and Slash RPG Gamer (Diablo, Dungeon Seige)
    • MMORPG (DAOC, WOW, Evercrack)
    • Action Adventure (Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia)
    • Strategy (Star Craft, Sacrifice, Ground Control)
    • Sim (Sim City, The Sims)
    • 1st Person Shooter (Doom, Giants Citizen Kabuto)
    • Sports (Baseball, Football, Basketball Games)
    • Other (describe this other category in your post)

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The population for this poll is biased. You can't make a poll about game fan types on a roleplaying forum. Well, you can, but the answers you'll get aren't worth much.

There are no doors in Jefferson that are "special game locked" doors. There are no characters in that game that you can kill that will result in the game ending prematurely.

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According the NPD in 2004...




"Computer gamers skewed differently, buying strategy games (26.9 percent), family and children's entertainment games (20.3 percent) and shooter games (16.3 percent), followed by role-playing games (10 percent), adventure games (5.9 percent), sports games (5.4 percent), and action games (3.9 percent). "


I assume this thread is talking about PC Gamers anyway, considering there were three choices for RPG's and neither of them were ''console RPG's''..


I'm not sure what the difference is between action and shooter games...

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