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question about swoop racing/pazzaak

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Actually, there is a side quest that can involve playing pazaak. In one of the apartments on Citadel Station (Telos) is a male Twi'lek (Harra?) who bet his girlfriend (and lost) in a pazaak game. You can win her back from the Twi'lek (I think his name is Doton) by beating him in pazaak. You have to have $1000 credits, though. The other option is to just purchase her outright.


If you're LS, you can let her go. If you're DS you can make her dance for you. You can come back periodically and pick up money from her. Right after I won her, I was able to get $800 credits from her.


Also, if you like pazaak, Mebla Dule, in the Citadel Station Cantina, sells side deck cards.

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