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Magic System Discussion

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Sure. You could rip psionics out of FO and the game would play the same.

Thing is, they didn't do that. They left psionics in. Psionics are officially a part of the FO universe now.

And FO2 was even worse. No psi, but a goddamn ghost!



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I have no memory of any psionic skills, perks or monsters in fallout.

Agreed Can I get a refresher here? I have no recolection of any Psionics. And as far as a ghost is concerend, well thats a ghost. Its not magic. Its folklore if anything. Supernatural? Sure. But magic? No.

IMO magic is just a lame excuse to do things one normally could not do in a midevil/fantasy setting.



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If psionics was or wasn't a part of fallout is totaly irrelevant, (and yes i agree fallout is sci-fi an dnot fantasy). The question was "can you do fantasy without magic" I would say sure why not if it would make the world more memorable and enjoyable, something I think would depend alot of the rest of the world one was creating.

Now what was the point of all the hysterics?

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