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Origanlity sacraficed for quick cash

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Darth Reven

Darth Reven

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It seems like devs have stoped making more orginal games to make crapy games with a famous title just to get sales. My brother just recently got ghost recon 2 so i tried it, that games best feature is gone! I have the origanal and the best part of that game is begin able to switch between the soldiers in your squad. They took it out WTF!? I saw an interview where the devs said they were trying to make it more appleing to every one, now its just like every other crapy shooter out there, no longer an orginal.



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Sadly companies often use famous names to make crappy games and sell them.
Worms Blast for example... wtf was that?!

And a lot of simpsons games had nothing to do with simpsons...

meh, it happens all the time.... and sequals usually suck more than the originals.

Kaftan Barlast

Kaftan Barlast

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Come to think of it, Ghost Recon was never especially good. There was nothing fun about it and yet we used to LAN it all the time. The AI especially is of bottom standard(slowly walk towards player, shoot)



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Happens all the time, get over it. There are plenty of good gaming companys out there still making awesome games it's not like every company is selling out.

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