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Greatest Jedi ever.

Who is the Greatest and most powerful Jedi?  

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  1. 1. Who is the Greatest and most powerful Jedi?

    • Yoda.
    • Luke Skywalker.
    • Mace Windu.
    • Plo Koon.
    • Obi Wan Kenobi.
    • Qi gonn Jinn.
    • Screw the Jedi to hell, The Sith own.
    • Screw Jedi and Sith, Boba Fett owns!
    • The Jawas would kill all of them and takeover!

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ep1 was pure pure shi* ep2 however wasnt as bad in my eyes, but 3 dus look as tho it will outclass them both, mainly bcos its gunna be an epic (its gunna outclass ep1 because i shud imagine it will be watchable twice)


ps heiny, that was the idea!

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Thank God Ep. III is going to rock....I mean we've had to endure Eps. I & II to get to this point.  <_<


Ep. II looked like it was going to rock, as I recall.

You could fall asleep for most of that movie, but fortuantey the last half hour really picked up.


But just thinking of some of those Anakin lines such as 'your skin is soft & smooth not like sand which is rough' makes me cringe. :p


I felt embarrased for some of those guys, as I hid in my seat :ph34r:

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hey at least its not daniel ratcliffe, he truly is cringe worthy


i spent at least 4 hrs wading through a thread on theforce.net which came frm on of the directos of revenge of the sith, and one message coming through loud and clear was that hayden had developed a lot as an actor working on these two films, so dont get to down about the whingy dude we know from ep2, things hav chnaged apparently, his thighs are now the width of the directors head...

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