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Your Bond with Kreia.

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I figured as much.


You'll notice that everyone in the game that you speak to about force bonds has never heard of them being lethal, yet Kreia says it as though it were law. It's just a tactic to get you to follow her to Malachor 5. Atris tells you that if you don't go after Kreia she will kill herself at the heart of the planet, thus killing you too.

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It exsists alright... you did feel when she lost her hand. It was also used to explain how she could talk to you in your head and how when one of you used a force power to buff yourself up, the other got it, too.


It is true that no one had ever heard of one being lethal, so I guess that part was a lie. Which isn't a surpries... she was pretty much full of lies.

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It exists and the Jedi masters confirm that such bonds exist between masters and apprentices.

They also state that given your character's history with the force, that such a strong connection in so little time is quite possible.


Also, I don't recall Kreia ever saying that the connection would be lethal. Your character speculates that the death of one of you would be the death of another. Kreia, like the other masters, is surprised at how strong the bond actually is. No one really knows what would happen.

I believe her response is "Perhaps" and then you both decide not to test it. :o

(I particularly like the line that goes something like "given your age, you could die at any moment!" :thumbsup: )


So apparently your bond with her is unknown territory. And given everything else you learn about your past, anything goes with the Force.

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Its interesting, when ever I got to the end I was always under the impression that she was going to kill herself at the heart of Malacor V and that act would create a new and more powerful sith enemy unless you stopped her.


I guess its just how you read it.


I like that other posters theory of Nihmus being linked to you and created through your acts of mass slaughter at Malachor V. That seems to make the most sence imo.

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