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So much for "no more mature topics in D&D"

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....And I wouldn't want to play in a game where there was "...nothing but drug-addled hookers toting bloodied machetes all over the place..."  Gritty is fine, but grit for no reason other than to show how ugly you can make a campaign just seems stupid to me.


I was just using it as a hyperbolic example.


I understood that. ...Or at least I'd assumed that. Actually, if anythying, I agree with you. If you want nothing but ugliness in your campaign, you should be able to include it yourself. Campaign books should give hints and pointers for creating a setting and one dedicated solely to a setting that makes Fallout look like fantasyland just has absolutely no appeal to me.

Still, Dega is right concerning the statements about WotC and mature content.

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The WotC guidelines were fairly unambiguous re. mature content.

So, here we have a situation where WotC has happily ignired it's own guidelines...


WotC realised their guidelines were bunk. The guy who signed off on them is probably out of the loop now. Will this stop Wizards using their content guidelines as a capricious and wildly inconsistent blunt instrument to bludgeon CRPG developers with? [/] rhetorical question.

Happy New Year.


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