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Most Favorite/Least Favorite characters in TSL

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seems like the majority of people dislike Hanharr....Personally I really like Hanharr.....Much better character then Zaalbar.


1. Mandalore- I gave him a double edged sword fully upgraded and no one could touch him...my walking tank


2. Visas Marr- Liked her story and her connection to Nihilis....


3. Hanharr- Wookie Fury...blood thirsty wookie


4. dont shoot me for this one... Darth Nihilis... He would of been a much better character if he was...more involved in the story and was displaying more of his devastating power

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Atton: Yes, he is the Carth of the game, but a much more likeable character than the forementioned. I thought his backstory was the most compelling among your party members; I truly felt sympathetic for what he had done. His conversations with Kreia were spot-on, too.


Kreia: Best "villain" in the game, and really the only one that was fleshed out. Her ramblings about the Force and the Jedi were some of the most memorable parts of the game, for me. Her connection to you, at the end, was quite...um, touching? It was one of the things that made the ending slightly bearable.


T3-M4: Huge improvement over the first game. He actually is the most useful member of your party--I mean, he saves the ship, steals the list of Jedi and the holorecord, and is generally nifty. His sarcastic bleeps were great, especially in his conversations with Atton.


Disciple: Am I the only person who actually liked him? :( He was so sincere and dedicated to you; it was awfully cute. His backstory concerning the Exile was interesting (I felt guilty). And when he comes in at the end and begs you not to leave without him and the crew....One, two, three: Awwww!


Atris: Someone I feel very ambivalent about. She was underdeveloped and didn't have enough face time in the game, but she had a good character concept. I just wish it had been executed more fully. Her past with the Exile added history and, depending on how you play it, character to the PC. If anything, she wasn't the Bastila #2 I was expecting from the concept art.


Sion: Another ambivalent character. Liked him, but didn't have enough exposition and game time. His dialogue with the Exile at the end was very cool. His jealousy of your relationship with Kreia was not something I was expecting. But I hated his voice. It was too evil and gravelly. And a bit...Australian?


and not so much...

G0-T0: An evil torture droid trying to save the Republic? No thanks.


Bao-dur: 15 hours in--"How cool! A fellow war veteran!"

25 hours in--"Nevermind? TALK TO ME!"


HK-47: He didn't really contribute that much this time around. :p And the nonexistant HK-50 factory, which seemed to be a major plot point for him, was axed.


Nihilus: Okay, he makes funny noises and likes to eat Jedi. But why? We know he was spawned by the Mandalorian Wars; why can't we get more information on that?


Mira and Hanharr: I just never really got into either one's character. What were they doing running around on Malachor V, anyway?


Canderous: Better the first time around. He just felt tacked-on this time. Again, a veteran of the Mandolorian Wars who the Exile just doesn't talk to very much.


Visas: I wasn't able to get very far in dialogue with her (lack of influence, I suppose). I liked her character idea, but she just never talked to me.

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Atton: My favorite of the game. No he isn't Carth and thats more than alright. I love his sarcasm and his forwardness with my NPC. But like everyone above me stated he was underdeveloped. I mean he is the second person you meet in the beginning of the game, and once you learn his backstory (which is rather quickly) thats it? Come onnnnnnn. The guy deserved better. Also his backstory really threw me off, I wouldn't think of that coming from a guy like him. Him teaching me how to play Pazaak in my head was the best.


Kreia: She kicks Malak's ass in the sinister department. Overall she was probably the best character in the entire game. Despite disagreeing with her on many points, I still spoke to her about learning The Force and such. You love to hate her, and vice versa.


Visas: She is badass, in combat and to speak with. Plus I love Kelly Hu so ;P


T3-M4: He gets more screen time! Plus his interaction with Atton is funny. Gotta love the droid who is usually bailing you out.


Mira: She is a ballsy chick who was indefinately underdeveloped. Great personality, dialogue, but I didn't use her much in combat.


Didn't like


G0-T0: Didn't like him at all considering he just waltzed onto my ship after keeping me on his yacht.


Bao-dur: He was nice but his voice was just so low. Made him dull and uninteresting. Then he just clammed up at the end, wtf.


HK-47: It was good to see him back, but he was better in KoTOR1.


Mandarous: See HK-47


Disciple: Ugh, what a stiff. I really didn't like how I didn't speak to him much, yet he ends up in love with me in the end. Too much of a tighty and so dramatic about everything.

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I liked:


T3-M4: He was an interesting little trash compactor.


HK-47: His definition of love was the best thing ive ever heard. :D


Atton: He had some funny lines if you beat the game LS then DS. Or if u were female.


Kreia: For an old witch who lost her hand, she had a lot to teach me.


Visas: She was so easy to influence to the dark or light side and she was good with a light saber.


Hanharr: he was a big unstoppable ball of fur


Mandalore: Canderous has returned. Just equip him with the Twin Suns swords and let him go. :)


I disliked:


Handmaiden: Just break your stupid oath already.


G0-T0: He couldn't take to many hits and i only used him in the tomb of Freedon Nadd.


Mira: "Blah Blah blah... Old man" I heard that.


Bao-Dur: He had some useful skills, but i needed the same skills to repair T3 soo ya.




"HK-47 what is love?"

HK-47: "Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope."



You: "HK-47, why are you angry at meatbags?"

HK-47: "Well Master, I dont like when Humans forget about droids and they are thought of as furnishings."

T3-M4: "Breet dee oop"

HK-47 " Oh shut up you little Trash Compacter. Now where was I, ah yes i hate when droids are thought of as furnishings"

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Most favorite: Atton, hands down. Like everything about him..well, except the story of his past, that one really shocked me at first. But hey noone's an angel, he deserves a second chance. :D


Second favorite: Visas, she's sweet, loyal, exotic and mysterious. I was delighted to see her find peace and let go of the past. Cool appearance to boot.


Bao Dur: His presence is somehow calming. Liked his voice too, especially when he says "Yes, General?" :lol:


Others, not really favorites, but I don't dislike them either:


Kreia: a character very interesting and well written, has incredible depth. I can appreciate that but can't say I like her as a person.


Mira: got some really priceless lines but wouldn't hurt to be less snappy. A tad *too* much of attitude for my tastes.


HK-47: Love his murderous character and his sarcastic tone, but he had more funny lines in KOTOR1. :lol:


Mandalore: Rants too much about honor and glory of battle and his battle stories almost made me snore in KOTOR1, but I had to hear them out at least once. Otherwise he's ok. Just not my sort of guy.


T3-M4: he's just there. I do appreciate him for playing that message from Carth though. :lol:"


Least favorite:


GOTO: P***ed the living hell out of me with that snotty condescending attitude. After the initial convo I just let him rot on the ship. "What have you brought me?" Urgh! It's just not fair there's no option to scrap him. Or better yet, let HK do it. He'd be no doubt most delighted.


Disciple: simply boring, need I say more? Looks like having a bad hair day too. Or uses too much hair gel.


Haven't played male or darkside, so never had Handmaiden or Hanharr in my party. I can easily say though I'd hate the wookie. Not much into wookiees, especially psychotic ones.


Handmaiden, from what little I can judge about her from the only convo on Telos, seems not to have her own opinion about anything. Atris says this, Atris says that.. It really bugged me.

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Atton - A well thought out character with an interesting backstory and a cool personality. Also, he's bloody hilarious.


HK-47 - He's a hoot. He would have been THE favourite if the droid factory quest was still in. His off-the-wall insults and destructive personality are still the funniest thing ever.


Mira - Though I would have liked the bounty hunter class, she is still one of the funniest characters with the most attitude, and I find the thing between her and Hanharr interesting. Also, hot redhead.


T3-M4 - A lot more useful this time around, and with an interesting personality. I enjoyed his quirks, despite not knowing what he said. Also, how powerful he is surprised me.


Mandalore - While not as interesting or well-written as he was when he was still Canderous, I always felt that Mandalore was Canderous rightful place now, so I love him simply for the fact that he proved me right. Also, he has a major coolness factor. Also, he is a monster with a gun. He can destroy anything. *hugs Mandalore plushie*




Kreia - Kreia was undoubtedly a great well-written, well-thought out, well-acted character. I have to say she is the best character in the game. Just because this is so, this doesn't mean I have to like her, and while her lecturing is realistic, I can do without it. I get enough of that outside gaming.


Bao-Dur - I REALLY wanted to like this character. And I do like him to an extent. I like his backstory, his arm is cool, his voice is cool, his special class is cool, Remote is cool, how much he owns when he becomes a Jedi is cool. Everything he is oozes cool. But no amount of 'Yes, General?' 'Never mind's is going to get me to enjoy bringing him along. He barely ever says anything. This is a big deal for someone who enjoys character interaction.


Handmaiden - She was my favourite character the first time around. But after I finished the game with her once she started to bore me intensely. I do not know why.


Disciple - I know many guys hate Disciple, and I did too, but I found that, if you give him a face-concealing mask, he's not really that bad. I can't stand looking at him, and he's boring if you're light side, but I found influencing him to become darkside is pretty cool. He's also not the worst character stat-wise.


Hanharr - I liked Hanharr a lot, mostly because with his Wookie Fury skills he could basically cut through anything. But as darkside as I was, I only kept losing influence with him. I coupled this with the fact that I thought Mira was more interesting, and how annoying I found his voice-work(I preferred listening over reading, so his roaring got on my nerves), I eventually just decided to start over, do Nar Shaddaa first as neutral, get Mira and THEN go full darkside.




Visas Marr - I found her slightly interesting for a short while, but even moreso than Handmaiden, I began to get bored by her soon. She was also far too submissive for my tastes, and while that made sense, she just didn't show enough spirit for me to like her. Since I didn't like her much, being forced to take her with me on the last real quest involving party members only increased my dislike of her.


G0-T0 - A particularely useless character in my opinion. I found his story to be mostly uninteresting with the exceptions of a few portions, the twist of telling you that he is the actual Goto was predictable, his personality bored me because he only really had one thing motivating him anyway which made his actions seem predictable. His special skills are useless, because the only portion really dealing with droids is the part on his yacht which is required to get him. Also, his voice grated on my nerves endlessly.


All in all, I'm mostly positive towards the characters in these game. With the exception of two characters, most of them are good, though some suffer from 'could have been so much cooler' syndrome. Did I miss anyone?

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Mandalore: Canderous all over again. Except worse. Much worse. He wants to rebuild the Mandalore clans so that they may one day fight again. Despite the fact this directly conflicts with what he said at the end of KotOR, which was to the effect of "The time of the clans has passed, I don't want to fight anymore, I need something more out of life." So already his purpose in the game makes no sense.


Not quite...drag him onto the starforge and talk to him again...He'll say he's not quite ready to give up this life of fighting...blah, blah, blah.




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Mandalore: Canderous all over again. Except worse. Much worse. He wants to rebuild the Mandalore clans so that they may one day fight again. Despite the fact this directly conflicts with what he said at the end of KotOR, which was to the effect of "The time of the clans has passed, I don't want to fight anymore, I need something more out of life." So already his purpose in the game makes no sense.


Not quite...drag him onto the starforge and talk to him again...He'll say he's not quite ready to give up this life of fighting...blah, blah, blah.






My least flavorite has to be the cameo's from Bastardilla in K2...The voice acting was insanely poor compared to K1...


Also that little duel with Malak in the tomb...Pah! I expected someone taller :lol:

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Atton > Carth.


Thing is, Atton is so much more of a 'buddy' for a male PC than Carth is. Carth seems to me less like your best friend and more like the guy you're a best friend to.


I mean,



Revan: Um, well, guys... I don't know how to say this exactly, but... I'm Revan. Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Or, at least, I-I-I used to be, I...


Carth: OH MY GOD, you're Revan! Oh, I feel so betrayed! Betrayed! Betrayed, I tell you! So very betrayed! Do you hear me, Revan? My trust, betrayed! BETRAYED!



Everybody else acts as a friend, but Carth is too busy scrounging tissues for his issues to properly lend his support as his role demands.


I know, I know, it makes sense for the character - but said character just doesn't fulfil my main character's need for a dependable sidekick, a best friend. Atton, however, with his humour and interest in the Exile's life and background, does, and although he has a Dark Terrible Secret waiting to be discovered by an influential PC, it doesn't dominate him utterly as Karath's betrayal dominates Carth, and thus doesn't stop him from being a strong friend for a male (or uninterested female) Exile.


I actually found pretty much all the characters interesting, although one has to account for various faults like incomplete dialogues ("Never mind.") and cut quests (Yah, droid factory). Some characters need to be seen in a certain way to get full enjoyment out of them as well, I reckon - for example, rather than seeing HK as he was back in KOTOR 1 - comic relief of a psychotic assassin bot, haha he likes killing - I get more out of seeing him as a link; as a link back to KOTOR 1 and to Revan, but also as a link to Threepio and, with T3, Artoo of the Original Trilogy. I mean, come on, obvious parallel to draw there.

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Mira - I like her attitude except when she calls you an old man.


Bao Dur - I like his voice and personality.


Handmaiden - Theres something about the white hair and outfit. It reminds me of the girl from the matrix.


Visas - Very sweet, though sometimes she goes a little to far.


T3 - My R2D2 Counterpart. To bad I don't use droids in my group due to the can't heal driods with the force problem.


HK - Somewhat amusing at times


Atton Rand - I never really took him with me anywhere, but he had some funny comments here and there. For a soundral he sure has a low intellegence score.




Kreia - say what you will, but no matter what I say or did she was always saying that I was doing th wrong thing weather it was light or dark. Nothing seems to make her happy and I always seem to lose infulence with her during our conversations.


Atris - Severe PMS and attitude problems. Very much like Carth in KOTOR1.


Mandalore - kinda boring and didn't really have much to offer. Why would I take him when I can have Handmaiden/Vissas/Mira in my group?


Any and all wookies due to the way they talk in these games.

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Bao-Dur: It took me awhile to get used to his voice but... wow. I love him, his backstory, his remote, his arm and his humor. "Whoa! Claws out today, aren't they?" Mrrr.... ;) (I'm with you Plooby! Exile/Bao-dur forever!!)


Atton: I loved his backstory and it completely threw me for a loop. He's snarky and fun, but my F!Exile saw him as just a friend.


Mira: Am I the only one that cried when you turn her into Jedi? Just the things she says. I found it interesting that she considered her captives (the Mandalorians) her family. I imagine it was because she was just a child. I figure Mira is about 22-23 so during the war she would have only been 12-13.


Visas: I find her interesting because she was the only thing that was left alive on her homeplanet when Nihilus destroyed everything there. She's a Miraluka, and I love her clothes.


T3-M4: He saved my character twice what's not to like. ;)



Disciple: He's just kinda of there, but he's a really good fighter if you level him up right.


Handmaiden: I thought I would have liked her better than I do. I found her interesting at the Telos Academy but once I got her into my party, meh.


Mandalore: I liked him better in K1 although I'm glad the Canderous has a purpose in his life now.




Hanharr: Just the idea of him makes me sick. Abandoning the way of the Wookiees and trying to kill Mira to end his lifedebt to her. Thinking that slavers have the right idea?!?!? Grrr...


Go-To: Blah. Blah. Blah. Blames me for the destruction of Peragus when it was one of those stupid HK-50 droids that [/b]he[/b] hired that killed everyone in the station and kept me there longer than I would have normally been.


Atris: She's even more arrogant than Bastila and I didn't think the was possible. Blaming all the bad things that happen to her on my character... ;) (No I don't hate Bastila, far from it.)

"They might not call you a Jedi anymore, but believe me, you are. It's not the sort of thing that you just stop being. You're stuck with it, just like you're stuck being the General." ~Bao-Dur, Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords
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I liked all the characters in their own ways, as opposed to K1 (could not stand to either look at or listen to Juhani.)


So I'm just going to say from that standpoint, that the characters who will stand out (remembered most fondly) in this game after K3 comes out are:






Atton (to some extent, because he reminds me of Carth and tends to be overshadowed by him). Probably not fair to the character, I know, but I'm being honest. I did like him--good backstory, well done.


The rest were interesting, VA was uniformly excellent all the way through, but didn't connect on that deeper level. It's very possible they were cheated out of their emotional impact by the truncated ending. Best of this bunch was Mandalore. Runner-up Mira.


Anyone want to guess what male Jedi-like person (who was found in the ruins of Dantooine) was at the bottom of the heap?

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Disciple - I know many guys hate Disciple, and I did too, but I found that, if you give him a face-concealing mask, he's not really that bad.

Oh my GOD that was funny. People sitting around me must've wondered what I was laughing at.


MY favourites are:


-Atton, first and foremost. He's got a good story, his comments made me laugh constantly throughout the game, he does some very decent damage, and he's really hot in Jedi robes. A girl couldn't really ask for more. I took him everywhere with me.


-Bao-Dur: sure he doesn't say much, but when he does, I think it's well worth the wait. Sure, he sucks with a blaster and got his @ss handed to him more than once before he became Jedi... But he came in VERY handy where technical stuff was concerned.


-Disciple: a week ago, he would've been in the "least favourite" section, just because I found him annoying, but I've since grown to appreciate him... on my third run through the game. Yup, it took that long. The boy really can fight if you give him the chance.


Least favourites:


-Kreia: She annoys me greatly. The only time I almost liked her was when I was playind DS. But even then, she spends most of the game on the ship.


-Hanharr: He just makes me uncomfortable. Though the comments made about his presence ("Why is that psychotic Wookie with us?") made me laugh.


-Visas: HATE HATE HATE!!! I don't know why she annoys me so much, but she really, really does. She is by far my least favourite character, and I absolutely hate the fact that I'm forced to use her toward the end of the game. She's USELESS.

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Favourite Characters...


Visas Marr - her whole storyline and her connection to the big ass Sith lord. And of course the relationship a male Exile can have with her.


Mira- Redheaded bounty hunter, quick and funny advise she can give to Handmaiden.


Mandalore - Mandalorians rule and being the leader of them, go figure.


Least Favorite...


Kreia - Traitor scum. Can't believe she isnt ejected out into vaccuum the moment you escape Peragus


GOTO - Boring and puts bounty on your head.


Hanharr - Strange, strange guy (thing). And you have to kill Mira to get him! :o

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Well, here goes the ones I like



Kreia:I think that she is absolutely a very strong character.She had really powerful lines,from beginning to end,and I like the way she's bringing down the others. :p


Atton:He was realy funny all the way,it's just sad he hadn't much to say after he's a jedi(I couldn't stand the "wanna play pazzak?"lines!!!! :p )


Visas:Very emotional character,I kinda like her.


HK-47:Seriously,who couldn't love HK?He's the funniest character ever!Too funny the way he's always up to butchered everyone! :D


Bao-Dur:Kinda cool too,but less great than the others.


Mira:She's great because she as a lot of attitude.


Mandalore:Same reason as HK(I just love their violent behavior)


Now the ones I didn't like...


Disciple:That guy was realy annoying.Too stupid to catch a joke,always calm,no personality,and everyone must have notice how he's a freak!!if only ther were a way to kill him!!!!Everytime he was speaking I just want to stab him with my lightsaber!Even the most kinder Jedi would wish that when speaking to him!!!


GO-TO:It' just the way he speak,I hated that.


Handmaiden:A little bit like Disciple,but she had personality at least.It's not that I really hate her,it's just that i don't like how she was always getting upset for nothing,and I didn't like her hair also(it was ugly >_< ).


Vrook:Ok,he may be a good Jedi and all,but I hate the fact that he's always mad at you.Even if you're the most kinder guy in the galaxy,he finds a way to make you pass for an imbecile.


Atris:She's a shutta,and there's nothing more to say on her. :-"


And for the others,I don't really cared about them.

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Hands Down, Carth and Atton. :thumbsup::( [Lapses dreamily into her own liittle world] 8)" Oh, Wha...? Oh and of course Bastila because I loved her i'm gonna kick your ass and look sexy doing it attitude. Plus, voice and personality went together like milk and cookies. [she is after all named after a pastry. No, i'm dead serious!] Oh, and Bao-dur, Mira, and everyone's favorite HK-47. Plus then Visas. :cool:

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I dislike

Hanharr I don't like Wookies

G0T0 He sends bounty hunters after you so he can enlist your help to meet his goals. Like yeah I'll be your buddy. I don't like the idea that he comes with you. At least Hanharr can't join you if you have Mira

Disciple Sounds like an uppity ass to me.







Bao dur

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I like 'em all, pretty much.


I find myself not using Disciple or BaoDur that often, though; perhaps it's because I'm a guy and I prefer to see Mira or Visas or Handmaiden running aboot. :p


Actually, I kinda find Disciple to be annoying; the voice acting is fantastic, but his character strikes me as a boring idealist who is more of a nag than Kreia.


I like Mira's snappy attitude and Handmaiden's firm but sensible personality. Kreia makes a great mentor, with her Kenobi-style lines, and she's got a great backstory.


I'm actually liking GO-TO this time around. He can be funny at times, with his comments, but he is an arrogant little fat one. I liked his backstory, too, when I finally got him to reveal it.


HK47 is of course as fantastic as always. My wife always laughs when he's in my group, because of his hilarious comments. And, if you go DS, the bonuses from his Jedi extermination seminar are great. :thumbsup:


Mandalore is kinda cool, but kinda limited. I do like the fact that they did something with his old character, though. Quite a noble goal, in fact, to reunite the scattered Mandalorians.


Atton is a great character, but it took me a looooooong time to stop picturing "Harry Senate from 'Boston Public'" every time I heard him speak. Great backstory there, too, but he sure gets funky lookin' if you go Darkside. And then he asks *you* about *your* creases?! HAhahaha.


Hanharr is neat, too. Kinda the anti-Chewbacca: Giant, but not gentle. Psychotic and off-balance. When you beat him like an overgrown mule, he falls into line. Very twisted relationship.


I like Bao Dur also, but I find myself more interested in his techie skills than his Jedi abilities. For that reason, I haven't been converting him the last few times I've played. He has a great backstory, a dry wit (such as the joke about how he lost his arm), and is relatively calm for someone who was so driven by revenge in his past. Good contrast by having the voice acting sound almost subdued, even as he's describing the horrors of his past in the war.

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Well, I've just seen this thread a couple of hours ago as I do not that often visit the forums (despite the fact that my notebook just kinda blew up), but here are my thoughts on this topic:


The top three of charakters I like(d): (I do not mention charakters that appeared in KotOR I, of course. If I did, there would surely be HK-47 ranked as No.1)


3rd: Handmaiden


I like short hair, I like white hair (not linked with the age, of course^^). And I like her background, the youth rebelling in her heart against all Atris taught her. Her sometimes rational, but nevertheless sometimes also emotional behaviour. Not to forget that she seems to be quite egoistic and not the "I-will-sacrifice-my-life-for-yours" thing like Visas is.


2nd: Mira


Egoistic, stubborn, intelligent, self-condident, sometimes arrogant, clever, strong and sexy. The only thing I miss is abackground which actually makes sense. I really was disappointed of her story.


1st: Kreia


Yeah, I like her. I really like her. She is quite like Prince Xizor in her attitude: She can wait, she is patient, likes intrigues and has no scrupels. She is the devil in disguise and she's good at being it. Kreia would be my favourite empress of the Galaxy.


Interesting that I have listed three women in my most-liked characters. Is it because I am a guy? I don't think so. Despite Atton, all other NPCs don't have an interesting background - surely considering that my definition of "interesting" is quite diverging from the common sense. Atton would be fourth, by the way.



And now my three most disliked NPCs in TSL:


3rd: G0-T0


His background is partially interesting, the voice-acting in the german version is superior...but I just dont like his neutral attitude. If I were in the situation G0-T0 is, I would have joined the side that is about to win the war. But being neutral? Boooooooring!


2nd: Bao-Dur


Well, acutally I like Remote. But Bao-Dur? Filled with a guilty conscience, I don't like that. He killed in the Mandalorian Wars - so what? No need to feel guilty for that, I think. He also is too calm, to peaceful to be a warrior. Not strong enough and with an inferior mind.


1st: Visas Marr


As I mentioned above when dealing with Handmaiden/Brianna and as I mentioned in other threads, I don't like that "I-will-sacrifice-my-life-for-yours"-attitude. Imagine real-life: It's just too...easy and at a certain point boring to have a woman like her. No, thanks. And I disliked especially that you almost instantly gain full influence on her. Dear god, I could have done what I want she would have been following me...I pray to the almighty George Lucas she will not come back in KotOR III.


Even as a lighsider I always sacrificed her in the battle with Nihilius and I never had her with me on other planets. This whining attitude. GOD, how I hate her!

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*i did'nt like Nihilus caus he did'nt live up to my expectations :)

*i did'nt like Kreia caus she did'nt bond with me. Not really,just nag.

*Sion/Mira/Diciple did'nt put up much before proven too be a pansy :thumbsup:


*i liked the easygoing zerka t3-killem'all droid.

*HK-47 for his nice jedi-hunter tales and other anecdotes :(

*Visas for her sweet lips. and Candyman for being such a scale for Bao'dur

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Bao-Dur: I really did not like him at first... he seemed boring... but he grew on me a bit. I just wish there was more to do with him.


Disciple: He was all right. I liked that he was a gentleman. He became sort of like a brother to me, but he could've had a good bit more depth. Well, actually, he seemed more like that guy who you think might be interested in you, but then you find out he's actually just really sensitive. And a flaming homosexual. :devil:


Handmaiden: I haven't actually taken her along as an NPC, but talking with her didn't impress me. She seemed so unsure of herself and naive.


Visas: I liked her, but she was too much a puppet, too flat in ways. You should've been able to upgrade her with influence to have some actual self-respect. That could've been totally cool--arguing with her about philosophy, exposing the brainwashing and helping her break out of the mold.


Mira: If I were a guy, I'd be pissed that she thinks you're too old, and annoyed that both romance options for a male Exile were so insecure and servile. She was the coolest of the females--she just had more personality and spunk, the type of person who could actually keep up with a male Exile instead of being his droid-with-boobs.


Hanharr: Interesting enough, but he didn't really impress me that much.


T3: WAY more fun than in KOTOR. I loved what they did with him, loved it, loved it, loved it. I just wish you didn't have to have 16 INT to get the really good stuff out of your encounters with him.


HK-47: Takes too long to get him, and while he's amusing, he never held my interest that much--in the first or second game. He really is hilarious, but he just didn't make me fond of him the way T3 did. Maybe it's the whole evil thing. I hate to be prejudiced, but evil never really gets to me. I guess I'm just a Lightsider at heart.


Mandalore: Flat, boring, never really fulfilled the small potential that was there. I found other Mandalorians (Bralor, for instance) way more intriguing.


Kreia: Awesome, of course. If only all the NPCs were so detailed. My only wish was that there were more options than "I'm an evil moron!" or "I'm a good moron!" like, if you're good, buying the beggar on Nar Shadaa a meal and then helping him get a job instead of just foolishly handing him credits.


Atton... oh. I absolutely loved him, but his potential was squandered. After Nar Shadaa, there's nothing compelling related to him... you're doing all these amazing things, but he never speaks to you again. Not on Onderon, not on Korriban, and he doesn't even come with you on the Ravager or Malachor! Horrible. Absolutely horrible. My #1 favorite of all the NPCs, but he just fades away into the background after a satisfying beginning and middle.


I adored Carth. I never would've believed I'd like another pilot like him--I actually was all set to be disinterested in and annoyed by Atton, to a degree. Then I slowly came to like Atton even more. Yet, the relationship with Carth was so much more satisfying. I'll never forget the huge potential of this character, nor how completely it fell flat in the end of the game.


All in all, if I had my choice, I'd straightaway cut out some of the less-detailed NPCs, particularly Handmaiden/Disciple--making them just people you can meet instead of party-joiners. I'd make Mira and Bao-Dur the alternate options instead. I might also cut Mandalore as joinable. Then I'd put more flesh on the bones of the other characters, and make them change more according to alignment.

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