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Whichc, in your oppinion better kotor 1 or kotor 2  

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  1. 1. Whichc, in your oppinion better kotor 1 or kotor 2

    • it was good
    • it sucked
    • i dont care
    • hohohohoh
    • hahahah
    • kotor1wasbetter

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if by hohohohoh you mean the same than that's what is for me! I loved the extra features and the fact that it was a sequal to my favorite game, but I thought that kotor the furst one had a much better story and had more pizzaz! :D

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KOTOR set the bar very high. In terms of replay value and innovation, few games can touch it.

TSL has some good qualities, but the storyline and character development were god awful.


its funny now that KOTOR II is out, all the obsidian apologists try to discredit KOTOR instead of admitting to the problems in KOTOR II.

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Both had their peaks and valleys.


For the most part, both of their stories were entertaining and enjoyable.


The combat...umm...how do I put this? Easy to get into, mildy enjoyable...alright overall.


The graphics were good, since this region doesn't really affect me very much, but I must say that the cinematics for K2 were better than K1, IMO.


The characters were for the most part deep and interactive, except for the villains..only this region has really lacked enough for me, IMO.


But K2 did have all the extra goodies to compensate.


I liked them both.


Key words: Mostly, and IMO.

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I agree that both games are about equal, its just the first game didn't take that drastic plunge at the most critical points in the game

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