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Did I miss a workbench?


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Once you get locked into the end mode and on Malachor V seems like everyone and thier brother is dropping upgrade Items (the corpse next to bridge has nifty color crystals for instance, I got cyan and silver offa him, at different times) but theres no way to use them as you have no access to T3 and I didn't recall seeing a workbench. This is amazingly lame...throughout the whole game few enemies leave remains for you to loot, here at the end they drop lotsa nifty stuff, but you can't use it.


Also random loot system is teh suck, first time through I got a lot of the same items over and over again (ossluk's? gloves for instance) now I start a new game and I get different Items over and over again (I have like 5 pairs of Gammorean Gauntlets, which I NEVER saw once during first game) Also first time through I had a grand total of 1 single bladed lightsaber until the end mode kicked in and I didn't need them anymore. (had like 3 or 4 doubles and at least 3 short. and one unique short) This was amazingly annoying as a few of my characters were duelists, and Kreia can only equip one.


Overall I liked the game, but I did find it less enjoyable than the original...

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There's a workbench in the Malachor V Academy, I believe in the proving grounds. It's in some room at the end of a hall, guarded by four sith soldiers. (Sorry, I don't remember exactly where it is. Just search around, you'll find it.)

I've played this game so many times and I never found this. I have no idea how. I think it's because I always loved forward after Sion and never go check the other side of the hall. Thanks for this. And just for the sake of accuracy (I went in under prepared and almost got myself blasted to death as I rely solely on a lightsaber), it's 6 sith soldiers. At that level it makes a bit if a difference unless you're a consular or a sith lord. Either way - thanks.

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