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Are you going to buy KOTOR II when it is released?

Are you going to buy KOTOR II when it is released? Or when it gets cheaper?  

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  1. 1. Are you going to buy KOTOR II when it is released? Or when it gets cheaper?

    • When it gets out
    • When it gets cheaper
    • Don't know
    • Not getting it

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There were a lot of X-Boxers who couldn't wait...  <_<


I wasn't an Xbox owner before Kotor II but I too couldn't wait for the PC version. Now I wish I hadn't fallen for the console side of the game. Fear not because I am not beyong redemption though: in my heart I will always be a PC gamer.


Is Kotor 2 really that a big dissapointment?


There are some good moments throught it and I have a LOT of admiration for Obsidian's ideas. A lot of ideas are great and I wish they had time to completely develop them and make them bug free. At the beginning the game is a lot of fun and as you progress more flaws appear. It is knowing what the game could have been that is disapointing. Also Kotor II suffers the comparison with Kotor that was a great game and a lot more polished and gratifying. Kotor II isn't a BAD game. There are many hours of playing and in the beginning, the excitement I felt in antitcipation of what was to come was over what I had felt in Kotor. It just feels unfinished, which is frustrating.

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I think KOTOR:2 is vastly superior to KOTOR in a variety of ways.


Only if you're proud supporter of Munchkinism. :blink:

Hm. That's a comment I would expect from Hades only. I mean, an unbalanced game mechanics doesn't necessarily imply a worse or unenjoyable game. K1 was ridiculously easy. The same seems to apply to K2. So, it seems both games are matched in that respect.


I don't know if you have actually played the game, but I will refrain from doing blind judgements until I try it for myself.

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