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Think-Write on TSL Story (SPOILERS PRESENT!!)

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I see, I never really understood the plot, the true plot. I thought from the begining to end that all I would do is either, kill the Sith Lords or Kill them and take thier power. I did that, I saved the republic, but the game didn't end I had to have a battle with Kiera, even though she was not a true threat to the republic. Kiera was always too mysterios for me to understand her constant ramblimgs, her views of the force. Obsidian introduced a new perpective I believe, where there is no good or evil, just act and consequence and you made me understand this.


But still, I didn't really understand Kiera's ramblings, and even if Obsidian wanted a Consequence based perpesctive, why would they speak of the 'true sith'. Obviously this True Sith is evil and possibly we will find this new evil in the third game (if there is to be a third game).


I enjoyed reading your post, good analization, although I'm not quite sure I understood it entirely.

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