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How do you beat Darth Sion?

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My Jedi Weapon Master just kind of walks in the room and gives him a stern look... And he falls over dead.... i think they made the game alittle to easy...




I think my fight went like this.

*walk in*

Sion" You can never defeat me."

*Force Enlightment*

Flurry (just once)

Sion" I'm unkillable"

*Force Enlightment*

Flurry (just once)

Sion"Damn man that hurt!"

*Force Enlightment*

Flurry (just once)

Sion"ok you can stop now..."

*Force Enlightment*

Flurry (just once)

*Sion runs off crying for his mommy*


And that was on hard...



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"Hi Darth Sion, will you be friends with me?"




"Aw, that' sto bad."


Rip his heart out with a saber.


He comes back to life.


"Will you be friends with me now?"


"No, I am unkillable."


"Put some money on that?"


rip his liver out.


"Damn, you're still alive? Why won't you stay dead?"


"I am unkillable"


"Will you be friends with me?"




Using focused energy, I assisted him by removing his swollen head. Then, for an encore, I sabered Kreia.

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i was dissapointed with fighting sion on korriban. if he couldnt recharge his health he would have died then. hes a lot like malak. i mean hes supposed to be this real tough guy but hes a dumb brute. and when you fight him the first time you almost kill him and some lame ass thing happens like bastilla running to "save you" against malak or in kotor 2 he recharges and kreia says run away and you have to. then in the final battle they both would have died but they recharge. this is probably my biggest let down in the game.

the force is what gives a jedi his power. its an energy field created by all living things. it surrounds us and penetrates us. it binds the galaxy together

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20 base strength with +5 from gauntlets dominator gauntlets +3 with armor mod +3 from mandalorian power armor +2 from implant +3from belt cns strength enhancer master dueling and lightsaber focuses and finesse and +3strength from my personal crystal +solari crystal for a ridiculous 39 strength 100% hit rate and usually doing 90-150 from master crit attack with good saber attachments you can one shot him with no force or extra attacks plus if you dont 1-shot he is 100% sure stunned for freebie follow ups -Stabilizer Masks for All

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