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jedi bao'dur

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Did making Bao-Dur a Jedi strike anyone as a bit pointless, since he can't wear any armor or robes that don't restrict force powers, and he actually does just fine fighting unarmed, so an upgraded lighstaber is pretty wasted on him?

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I'll have to double check when I fire the game up again. I just turned him, and still have a save game before I did so I'll check all the numbers.


In the end, I don't think it matters since I never ran into anything that I couldn't handle with my first character on my first run through. She didn't have good repair or demolitions, letting Atton and Bao-Dur pick up the slack, but all of those situations where do-able w/ out those skills anyway.


It's fun to turn Bao-Dur into the Jedi just to feel the accomplishment. Will I do it after I finish this run-through and start again... probably not. I only need 3 good Jedi characters to run around with after this game. :huh:

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