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Battle Meditation is useless!

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Battle Meditation is like the Valor force power. The difference is it increases damage done by your party while taking it from the opposition (levels 2 and 3). You can't just sit there though, you still need to fight. It's not what we were expecting it to be...just meditating while the battle unfolds around you. Well, not till onderon.

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I never bothered with battle meditation for the Pc, always leaving it to Kreia or Atton or somebody. What does it do on Onderon? Trigger a specific event?


You can use Battle Meditation to rally the Queen's forces on Onderon (while Queen Talia and Vaklu are dueling) - they pretty much end up killing all of Vaklu's forces for you. It's interesting I guess.


I don't know how this works for the Dark Side path though.

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I'm confused. :blink: Don't you all read the descriptions of the powers in a line before you pick them? The effects of Battle Meditation at all levels are all there to see when you choose your powers at level up. All you have to do is move your cursor over them...


Anyway, for those who haven't read it, the power gives your entire party +2 attack, +2 damage, +2 Will saves to start and lasts 20 seconds. The second level adds a debuff of -2 attack/damage/Will to any nearby enemies if they fail a Will save. The third level ups all the bonuses/penalties to a whopping +4/-4. The first two levels are just decent, but the third level is an enormous boost. +4 attack/damage in melee is equivalent to boosting your Strength by 8 points.

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Don't even bother with BM.  Light Side Force Enlightenment is the best power in the game hands down!  :cool:




The best (and without questoin the most important) power is Force Heal. I don't understand why you would EVER have characters who can use the force, but not that power. If you do, you should be ashamed. Even DS sith should have it.


Second is obviously Force Lightning. Again, everyone should have it. Even LS. The fact is, 1-6 per level is BROKEN, especially when you can't miss, and it affects multiple targets. Think about it this way, when you reach level nine (and get it) it would deal anywere from 9-54 damage. Any attacks at that level won't come anywhere near that. And at level nine, you're still in a very, very good chance of missing.


And probably the most fun? Death Field.


If this were like D&D (dice based w/ friends, not console) it would sound like this: "Okay, light-side master, what do you do?"


"I cast death field to drain the life force of my opponent, and drink it like a vampire."


"Doesn't seem to lightsided to me... roll damage."


That's great!


I also like Kill, but only because of its name (and yes, I'm LS)

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