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KOTOR II: from the eyes of a Star Wars FANATIC

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There was still a condition inwhich you could have escaped the cycle of idiotic behavior.




"I have no logical reason to hate the Kyle Katarn character, in fact I never even beat the Jedi Outcast game!

I just thought it would be cool to join in on the fun and start insulting someone I disagree with."



ahhh... clarity




Your quick wit might have won you this round :rolleyes: , but one day I'll be back and have more then the facts to back me up.



::cast spell of brain cells upon global_74::


those should help withthat whole clarity thing you're working on

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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All right! Chalk up another message board topic that has degraded into pages of crap that has nothing to do with the topic at all!


Lets keep it up folks! :D


By the way, Jedi Academy was pretty much an expansion. New levels, a new SP story (which can be done in a well thought out mod) and the ability to dual wield was all it added. The story and ending were horrid IMO, especially the dark side ending (you call that an actual ending with closure?) The combat itself was pretty nice however, I enjoy spawning NPCs just to wail on.


Multiplayer wise, saber detection was noticibly worse than it was in JK2, making the game take a step backwards in competitive play. Dual sabers and staffs were a horrid choice for online play esp. dueling unless you just wanted to look cool for some reason.

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What a shame that discussions like these always lead into hostility, hmm guess it could be worse, I stopped by KotOR 2's Lucasarts forums to see if they had any kind of feedback on the Xbox bugs and all I saw were idiots insulting each other because of what coutries they live in. :blink:


Anywho, I agree sopilers shouldn't be placed in this forum, though I do appreciate Global's opinion of the game, shame it wasn't better.


Off topic: Kyle Katarn stopped being cool for me after Dark Forces, particularly the whole bantha herder outfit really got on my nerves. I'm glad I no longer play as him, though I do like very much his transition to mentor and his sense of humor. :)


I like Jedi Academy SP, I wish the story had actually been developed but I see nothing wrong with the plot itself, kinda dumb but definately not more than the previous games in the series. JK2 was a joke in terms of storyline for me, especially with Barney the menacing plush toy. Yep JA's endings were disappointing though they're better than this games as they had some measure of closure (Just my opinion) and at least I found JA to have a vast variety of environments and mission types over the monotonous same thing in JK2 (Again just my opinion).


And for everyone that complains about JA and say how JK2 is so superior, I recall the days when all the word was how horrible JK2 was with the 1.3 and 1.4 patches. Then again I could care less about MP so I can't really judge exactly how much worse JA is over JK2 1.4. I do know that the saber system in JA MP is horrible when compared to the system in SP.


My chump change.

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Fable is no way at a ten, I bled that game dry (every sub quest, treasure clue, hidden chest, demon door etc)!!!!!!

I like Fable a lot, but the problems are

1) At little over 10-12 hours, it gets done quick.

2) End boss is easy, beat him in 3 minutes, with a bow, and I was using the bow that you get at the start of the game, and all my skill stats were at level 1.


3) No replay value. Being evil gets boring cos the houses repair themselves and everyone comes back to life.


So overall id give fable an 8.5/10 at the most.

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I never got this cut scene.  In fact I never saw that NPC.


then, you obviously dont know enough about the game to speak on it.

you should actually PLAY the game before you defend it so vigorously.



If you play the game as a LS Jedi, then you will see the scene in question, (she and Carth are talking to each other) and its a terrible way to showcase such a major character from KOTOR I.


I believe it depends on the events from the first game -- in my game,

I haven't seen Carth, only Bastila in a holocron, saying how Revan had left them all and that she was off to find her.....it was damn cool.

Can't wait to play it with the opposite background info, and as a female DSer. :)

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