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The vision is of Malak, not Revan that you fight . . .


90% of what you find in the game is by chance (with the exception of the Peragus, where everything is predetermined) and certain places (like tombs, big battles, etc.) where you find specific things. They changed the game to drop random instead of the same to add to replayabiity.


Those of you looking, yearning for Malaks lightsaber, don't worry if you don't get it. It has the same stats as a normal lightsaber (excpet that it is not upgradeable but it is balanced) therefore it is similar to a short lightsaber, and better, unless the short saber is upgraded.


I also heard the Jolee Bindo +31 armor bonus robes, but I have to assume that the guide was misprinted and it is supposed to say +3. Has anyone gotten it?

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now that I think about it, you do fight Revan, the last battle in the tomb, alone against no one else.


But, he doesn't have his own lightsaber, Malak does, but as I said it is nothing special.



Anyone beat the game on DS and then play through again? I swear I saw the char I made standing next to Revan when i fought him the second time.

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