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Most Memorable KOTOR 2 Moment

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Well since a lot of my moments are already listed...


How about when Kreia is doing the super special "where are they now reunion special" flash to the future. There's a joke about Jango Fett going down like a punk to Mace Windu. Something along the lines of...


"The mandelorian armor will be worn by a shell of a man that dies too easily at the hands of a Jedi..."


That about made me choke on my water...

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When talking to the retired Bounty hunter on Nar Shaddar with handmaiden in your party and he's going over all the bounty hunters.. he mentioned the two Twilik Girls coming after you and a response you can pick is something like "two twilik dancers are coming after me? what

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-Visas Mar.... :rolleyes:

-Training my own Padawan.

-When Darth Traya cheated in our fight when she used the Force to wield three lightsabers.

-B**** slapping Darth Sion over, and over and over again. ;)

-Carth and Bastila worrying over Revan. So sad.... :)


And when do you see that "How to catch a man" scene anyway?

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Repubic Commando. The game looks like its a joke.


Opinions are like ****... everyone's got one.


And they all stink.



I played through both male LS and DS storylines( currently working the female LS run through). on my male LS run through I picked the "Revan is a woman" option in the conversation with atton at the begining of the game and when i spoke to carth at the end I never saw bastila come out of any shadows?? did I posibly miss some other key conversation that would trigger this? or is this the only conversation that could posibly trigger that scene?

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i loved the explanation for what "pulling a bindo" is. it was after i said that to handmaiden and she was a little confused and one of the options to clear it up was "Bald guy, Long story bad joke". i loved the reference to jolee.



i was also glad to be able to tell that i was right about mandalore when i heard him talk the first time.

the force is what gives a jedi his power. its an energy field created by all living things. it surrounds us and penetrates us. it binds the galaxy together

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Visas Mar: "This place is densly packed, and a well-placed grenade could, cleanse the area" (note, not direct translation)


PC: "Cleanse away, Visas"


This is great, espescially coming from light-side masters! Talk about out of character, you'd get killed for that at a professional D&D meet.

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At the Mandalorian battle circle, if you ask for a reward for winning:


Mandalorian Sergeant: "Mandalorians are warriors, nor merchants. You will receive only honor for fighting here."


Exile: "Yes, Mandalorians aren't merchants....except for Kex. And you have a Mandalorian repairman. Do you have any janitors?"


Barbed wit, baby. ;)

I made this half-pony half-monkey monster to please you

But I get the feeling that you don't like it

What's with all the screaming?

You like monkeys, you like ponies

Maybe you don't like monsters so much

Maybe I used too many monkeys

Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

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hehe I loved the ending of the Bounty Hunter Scene on Nar Shadar!


Aliens : jkhfehj fhjhdf.hjdfhkd

Atton: Anyone catch that? All I understood is where!

Bao: I think they want us to give up the General

Atton: Oh, Thought so, which one you want?

Bao: Ill take the stupid one that decided to threaten us rather then shoot us when he had the chance!


The other one I liked was if you have Atton and Handmaiden togather when your approached about giveing up the Ebon Hawk. Choose to do so and listen to the interaction between the two, its quite hillarious!

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Yes DarthRevan I told Atton that Revan was a Light side Male.


Also I liked killing Master Vrook and Master Zez-Kai Eli using ONLY the Force, it is wonderful.


Wait how did you get Atton to say that? I have beaten the game on LS as a Male, DS as a Male, and soon DS as a Female, but still on my third time I notice no such statement from Atton.

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