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Since KOTOR 3 is inevitable, and most likely already underway, what features would you want it to have? After some time I'll will create a large list so that the devs have some idea on what gamers want.



1) A new GAME ENGINE : Since KOTOR 3 will most likely be on XBOX 2 its time for a brand new game engine. The source or unreal engines look perfect as they are already created and more time can be spent on game development.




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I'd like to see Revan back in the fray. And maybe an actual space battle instead of the turret game. Other then that, with the exception of a new graphics engine, is about it. Maybe Bigger, better worlds.

On official Sith business.


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1) The ability to explore your party member's more thoruohgly e.g. more sidequests, and dialog.


2) Better and more romance options. The romance subplot should go deeper.


3) A more developed influence system. (From what I hear, it needs some reworking)


4) The ability to remove your hoods and other miscellaneous things e.g. making a proper walking animation... Its much more menacing if you walk towards something then always run and the walk option in KotOR I looked really stupid.


5) A better character appearance development system. Instead of selecting from a list of 30 heads, you should be able to build your heads up from scratch like in the Sims 2.


6) Improved graphics. Not that I'm complaining since the K1 graphics looked pretty nice but for a brand new game, improved graphics are needed.


7) More complicated puzzles. The game should focus on combat and thinking not just walking into a room and blasting everything to bits.


:thumbsup: A more non-linear approach to things e.g. like in Deus Ex : Invisible War.

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Here's one, but it's a pipe dream: SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE. That way us PC gamers don't have to wait 2 months to play a game and watch spoiler after spoiler get posted.


It's like your local movie theatre getting a blockbuster movie 2 months after the rest of the country has already seen it. Sure, it's still something you want to see, but chances are you've been spoiled already.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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Simultaneous Release and Closure are the two biggest issues that I'm concerned about.


Closure in this case should be for both Revan and The Exile. Of course, the funny thing about it is that closure for Revan wouldn't even have been necessary if it hadn't been for KotOR2. Its the second game that made us start wondering what exactly was going on with him.

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1. A new graphics engine. The Aurora engine's greatness is long past.


2. A better plot and more involved romances.


3. More classes and Skills.


4. More balanced combat, namely increasing the power of ranged weapons.


5. The Exile should return as the PC, perhaps starting at level 20 or something.


6. Don't let Bioware develop KOTOR III :).


The Dark Lord

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Here's one, but it's a pipe dream: SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE.  That way us PC gamers don't have to wait 2 months to play a game and watch spoiler after spoiler get posted.


It's like your local movie theatre getting a blockbuster movie 2 months after the rest of the country has already seen it.  Sure, it's still something you want to see, but chances are you've been spoiled already.


I take it you've been spoiled.

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1. Return of Admiral Dodonna

2. better NPC interaction

3. A fleet battle


5. Black lightsaber crystal

6. Coruscant

7. A dead Carth

8. a Wedge type character

9. Senate interaction, of course this depends on Coruscants inclusion

10. A big AOTC type Ground battle this time perhaps

11. Revan as PC

12. A plot that isn't over the top




Mandalorian Wishlist


1.Planet Mandalore

2. A RED MASKED Mandalore(as continuity says it should be) <_<

3. Member of the Shysa Clan( to tie in with Fenn Shysa, leader of the Mandalorians in post Galatic Civil War times EU)

4. Basilisk War Droids in battle

KOTOR 2 must be completed

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Knowing who the developer is before we start any stupid list

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I really think starting off a character at the beginning of a game at level 20 is a really bad idea. Who cares what kind of powers one had in the last game? It would be a detriment to the overall story, and the story is far more important than level.


What would be interesting is a different character that actually grew up completely in the Jedi way, and didn't really have problems until they had to face the real world. Unlike Revan where you learn something completely new, or the Exile where you have been cast outside the order. To get an insider's view while not being like Jedi Academy would be unusual.

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Here's one, but it's a pipe dream: SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE.  That way us PC gamers don't have to wait 2 months to play a game and watch spoiler after spoiler get posted.


It's like your local movie theatre getting a blockbuster movie 2 months after the rest of the country has already seen it.  Sure, it's still something you want to see, but chances are you've been spoiled already.


I take it you've been spoiled.


By my parents growing up, yes.


By spoilers about TSL, not totally. I've made a big attempt to make sure not to read any spoiler obvious threads. However, since a few people on this forum seem to lack the common sense not to post spoilers in General Discussion, I have stumbled upon one or two.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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I would like an item/face creation system that would allow us to develop our own items/faces, using texture templates and a system similar to attribute points, that could put the items into the game at the beginning, or put them in a shop (randomly/users choice options would be great). If the game came with texture templates for each item/face we could customize the look of the objects as well as the stats of items without requiring someone to hack the game. The ability to use custom models would be perfect, but I don't think that would happen (I only mention it because it would be a great option). With this system users could create items with unique abilities and distribute them without actually modding or overpowering the game.


I really don't think Lucasarts will go for this, but it'll happen anyway, so why not include this limited modding ability from the start. It's not like these items will change the story.


> Create Model/Texture


> Open stat editor and spend points to create item attributes and determine positive and negative special abilities (ex. A very powerful blaster that has the potential to misfire and injure the user)


> Choose Where it shows up in the game (start/random shop/choice shop/randomly on enemies/on a specific enemy)


> Save, and enjoy the game.


Ideally this option would require someone to finish the game lightside and darkside (neutral as well if that option is included), for either gender to unlock the editor.

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Although I'm not really interested in seeing things like a new engine if they decide to do that to fine with me, some things I'd really love to see in KotOR 3 though:


1) Like Ghost, a PC/Xbox simultaneous release.


2) Multiple endings, and by that I mean well over 1 for each alignment, maybe 2 or 3 each depending on how different you can make the game play throughout.


3) Closure to the Revan and Exile storylines thus actually making the KotOR games into an intertwined trilogy. This is probably the one I'd most look forward to.


4) Revan and Exile as PCs with combined old and new party members. Using the movie formula introduced in TSL; while Revan is off doing one thing Exile can be elsewhere doing another as well as other party members.


5) Large scale Jedi vs Sith saber battles, a couple at least.


6) Jedi armor like that shown in the comics, and that it actually looks like knight armor so we can have a nice option of switching between the armor and robes through the game.


7) Helmets. I really would like to see helmets I can use with different armors and such.


:( More party members than allowed to take. By this I mean that if you can have 10 party members through the game, you have an option of like 20 overall (Number can vary as desired). That way each time you play you can make different combos.


9) More Prequel Trilogy races; yeah I like the OT races as much as the next guy (but I'm kinda tired of seeing Twi'leks and Rodians and the same species in every planet) I really want to see more of Zabraks and the inclusion of Kel Dor, Iktotchi, Nautolans, etc.


Well this is some of the stuff I'd like to see.

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:: A more realistic weapon equip animation. Instead of the weapon materializing out of thin air, when they are eqiupped in the inventory screen, swords should appear sheathed on the sides or back of a character, blasters holstered, lightsabers holstered, staffs strapped on the back, grenades on an ammo belt, and so on.


:: Varied lightsaber hilt colors and styles.


:: Of course, an all-new graphics, lighting and physics engine, preferrably borrowed rather than built from the ground up. Content, above all, is most important in RPG's, as is the time to create it.


:: Leave development to BioWare. Obsidian's efforts were superb, but KotOR belongs with BioWare. I know, this is wrong to post on an Obsidian forum. Forgive me.


:: More party member possibilites, possibly around 20 or so, making their cooperation restricted by alignment, sex and appearance. This would extremely increase replay value, since even more than one play-through as a LS Jedi wouldn't be the same.


:: More clothing and armor options, like changing different articles independantly (pants, jacket, shirt, shoes, gloves, headgear), rather than having one item for an entire set. Not to mention the inclusion of Jedi Force-friendly armor rather than just robes alone.


:: More in-depth character creation; body build, height, race, hair color, eye color, etc.


:: Even more lightsaber colors. Red, green, blue, yellow, silver and orange are the only crystal colors in the galaxy? What about white or extremely light grey? How about a black blade with a smokey, flowing glow; pure evil.


:: Dismemberment! This makes combat rewarding. After all, lightsabers can cut through anything--expect in KotOR.


:: A more fulfilling, in-depth romance side-story.


:: [Possibly] real-time space combat. I'm not sure how it would fit in with the D20 rules system, but it would be cool.


:: The ability to build and customize your own spacecraft. This goes hand-in-hand with the real-time space combat, since upgrades would enhance the performance of your craft.


:: Revan! Don't know what happened to him (or her), but a cameo would be a nice addition to the next installment.


:: The limited ability to attack anyone you meet, rather than being forced to be made into an imbecile and dismissed from an obviously lesser opponent. This happens too often in the game--and so often do I want revenge. And, I say limited since killing everyone leaves an environment lifeless and uninteresting.


That's all I can think of at the moment.

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near human species. more combat droid henchmen. the ability to knock off some dork off a cliff with force push and force wave.


lots of choices for romances. able to play as non human, such as twi'lek.


full 10 points of modification for weapons and armor.


able to arm vehicles like swoop bike. more heads

better heads.


And most inportantly

a female dark jedi twi'lek who calls herself Darth Irony

Strength through Mercy

Head Torturor of the Cult of the Anti-gnome

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More of the same on alot of what I want in K3.. more influence options, dialogue, sidequests, story, etc..


Other than that, three things:


1) Slow down exp point accumulation! My character got way powerful, way quick. Being tough is fun, but too tough is something else entirely. Kind of how in Baldur's Gate... a fight with a gibberling was an intense battle to the death. In the sequels, however, you were so powerful, you had to slay gods to put up a challenge. Throttling back the XP gain would help here I think. And make the game longer o:)


2) Have different parties do different things. More of how Onderon went, please! In K1, anyone who wasn't my Jedi Assault Squad stayed back on the Ebon Hawk to swab the deck in their underwear. While K2 did this once or twice, I would like it to be integral to completing quests. For example, you have 3 squads who each have to complete a certain objective at the same time to forward the game. This would make the lesser used characters, well, used.


3) Introduce all main characters early. By the time I had gotten some characters, I had already grown attached to them. I know that getting too many too quickly leads to not using them (Mission and Zalbaar in K1 for example) but my #2 point addresses how this can be allieviated.


If there are bonus characters to get, make up for their possible late game entry by including a DEEP and LONG subplot that can only be accessed with them in the party and by maybe opening up an entire planet or two. This alone can greatly help replay value, big time.


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I really cannot add to what has already been mentioned, which I agree with completely.


-> Would like to see more companion options, not just 12.

-> Romance plots similar to KOTOR 1 but improved

-> More planets with more to do on each planet.

-> Bring back NPC backstory related sidequests.

-> More character creation options.

-> Possible Obsidian/Bioware team development.

-> Slow down the development. Take your time so that 99.9% of the bugs are gone and you have a really good polished version.

-> Chris A. as the the Obsidian lead designer.

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1] Z-axis. This could add a whole new layer of depth to the game. Imagine a two-story building. A consular might run in, while a guardian might just jump through the window on the second floor and suprise all those juicy sith/jedi minions inside :devil:.


2] Large-city like environments. Tatooine, I thought, was dissapointing because it lacked size. Even if the city turns monotonous through it, I would enjoy larger cities.


3] Dynamic city environment. I'm not asking for day-night-cycles (Although it would be nice), but rather for people walking around in the city. Sometimes someone can be found in the bar, than in a house, et cetera. Variety.


4] Purchasable vessels. Though I'm not sure about real-time space-combat, having the option of buying a more advanced vessel, with cargo would be nice (Perhaps limit the total amount of items to the size of the cargo hold?)


5] Overhaul armor system. Add a 'cape' slot, which can be filled with a cape/hood. This should not increase the total amount of armor/robes drastically, while still allowing people to customise their clothing. Perhaps force the texture of the cape/hood to adapt to the texture of the robe.


6] If Tatooine is included, remove the Czerka markers. I seriously doubt that Czerka corporation would operate deeply in the desert, and lead their markers to the doorstep of a Kreyt dragon's lair.


7] Include HK-47. Kotor would not be the same without it.


8] Add a genoharadan(-like) mission that will have you hunting Carth Onasi's identical twin brother down.


Mr U

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