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The "Dark" Lightsaber Crystals

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We're not talking about the personal crystal. That's the one in the cave. We're talking about a color crystal.

I realize that but Im going to go with what he said. I've checked the back of the Strat Guide and there is no mention of a black color crystal. In fact, there are no crystals I saw that looked black that weren't color crystals. The only close thing is the personal crystal, which, when you are fully DS, will glow intensely black or however they put it.

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So, you're saying you think the reviewers misspoke when they talking about a crystal so dark green it made your lightsaber look black?

Oh boy. By responding to this, Im going to open myself up to some serious flames. Especially if Im wrong. But, if I am, I want it to be known now that I'm only going on what I know. I could be wrong so don't take my word as the final authority on it.


The color crystals that I've seen of the green variety are just that. Green and Viridian. The personal crystal turns black, but it doesn't affect lightsaber color to my knowledge. Thus, they have something that I haven't heard or seen. (And I have the Strat Guide and a few friends who are playing the game) Either that, or they were wrong. I'm not quite sure which, but I think it's obvious which I'm leaning toward.

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There is no "black colored crystal" in the game.



You do get a "personal crystal" that will turn as light or as black as your character's soul.


Every now and then it's a good idea talk to Kreia about your crystal and she will make sure that it matches your progress towards the light or the darkside. Near the end of my first game my personal crystal description was "glows brightly".

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