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KotOR II on GC or PS2?

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Well then we can have the administrators of this forum to fix that, I made a forum like this one for my clan (I believe this is the same sort - Invision Board) and there was an option to not make poll-threads to be bumped to the top everytime someone votes.


End of this discussion on my part, we are going off-topic.

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Sorry, I had no idea.

This is after all my first topic....

And I would like to see wath people means.

Many people reads the topics, but don't asnwer because many before them have already said wath they would say so they don't see the point.


Anyway, if a mod can fix it, go ahead...


After all, I am just a newbie...

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I voted both. Why not release it on more platforms (if it is possible)? More platforms = more sales = more money for Obsidian = fatter Urquhart = slower coffee-fetching = irritated programmers = uhm.. more and better games. Ok, my chain of thought might be a bit broken but you get the idea.

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I have always wanted KotOR on my cube, I see that it would not ligthly happen.

I am not saing that I think that TSL could, but there is always a alternative.

Is there a reason why KotOR isn't on GC or PS2, have M$ a contract with LA about it?

Or is it technical reasons?

Technical, the Xbox is basicly a computer so KOTOR can be on it.

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I think that playing KotOR 2 on consoles doesn't show the full power of the game(engine). A PC with advanced graphic options suits the game better...







well, since I enjoy games for GAMEPLAY, the Xbox version's graphical inferiority to a high-end PC does not hinder my enjoyment. At all. In fact, quite the opposite.

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