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SIlver lightsaber crystal

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You can get just about any crystal color from the smuggler merchant on Telos in the entertainment module. Just before you talk to him the first time save the game. Then talk to him. He has one crystal always for sell and the color is random. If he doesn

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The first time playing I got a silver and a viridian crystal off of Sion at the Academy. I'm playing for the second time now and got one silver from Jorran after rescuing him from the Enclave sub-level. I accidentally got him killed by laigreks the first time I played and only got the moisture vaporator thing. I have a second silver crystal, but I can't remember where I got it; I'm pretty sure it was from one of the Duros brothers.

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Theres also a viridian lightsaber crystal that i looted off of someones remains. The description says it is a light green//silver color.


the veridian crystal is my personal fave -- ooh, silvery-green goodness



Viridian is a mixture of yellow and green. In my first game, I use a Silver crystal. My lightsaber looked like Luke's in New Hope. Right now, I'm using Cyan and it's better than Silver. The best part is that your lightsaber never turns off if you use this crystal. ;)

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Third time playing. After leaving Peragus, Atton asks what happened to your lightsaber. If you don't avoid the question, you can eventually tell him its color. Viridian and silver are options, but I'm not sure that cyan is.


So this time around, I chose silver. When you confront Atris the first time and she ignites your old lightsaber, the color is silver. In the holorecording of your trial, your lightsaber is, again, silver. So maybe depending on the color you choose, that's what it will show in the cutscenes.


When I bought the Jedi artifacts from Jorran, it contained a cyan crystal. I bought a second silver crystal from the Duros brothers (I think). And at this point (just arrived on Malachor) I have 4 silver crystals total. Unfortunately, I can't recall where I got the other 2. :lol:


I also have an orange crystal that I found in a footlocker at the Academy, and a bronze crystal in a double-bladed lightsaber I found in the hidden tomb.


On Onderon, I found a viridian crystal in the Royal Museum. All of these in one game, whereas the first time I played, I got the silver and viridian crystals from Sion.

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where do u get the silver lightsaber crystals at i finished the game and never found it



you can get it on Nar shadaa. if you help the Female trader in the trade wars, and then tell her dantoine is clear, she sells one.


ive used it for my lightsaber everytime :) . Ever since dark forces 2 :lol:


i think this way works, thats how i got mine and ive heard others get it this way as well

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