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uber crystal

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can anyone tell me the specifics about the bonding crystal and the ultima pearl


plz be detailed

The bonding crystal is found in the crystal cave on Dantooine. You can enter the cave at any time, to get it. The leader of the security forces will give you a quest in there if you want to kill two birds with one stone. You will also be required to go in there later to move the story forward, so you can kill three birds with one stone if you want.


The crystal is in the large crystal formation in the center of the room at the back of the cave.


I went in just after getting to Dantooine -- as I searched for the things that were there in the first game. I then returned to complete the side quest and the required visit later.


The Ultima Perl is found at different points. I can't remember where I found mine, but it was just on the body of someone I beat. I did get it before Malachor V too.


god get the message people! i just wanna know about the crystals not how to put them in and stuff. get with the programme (thats such a ridiculous saying, v american)

If you notice, other people have asked other variations on the questions which are being answered. Being insulting towards the people you are asking for help is never the best way to get an answer.

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Force Alignment (FA) - Dark Side Neutral

Attack - +1

Cha - +3

Dex - +3

Str - +4

Damage - +3, Dark Side

On Hit - Knockdown DC 14


FA - Neutral

Attack - +1

Cha - + 1

Con - +2

Dex - +2

Wis - +2

Str - +2

Force Resist +14


FA - LS Neutral

Attack +1

Dex - +3

Str - +2

Wis - +4

Damage +2, LS

On hit - Slow 25%, 6 secs, DC10



The properties of the crystal change as your alignment change and as you gain more XPs.

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Gareth: Do it in a better way with better grammar.


I'm better at being mean than you are, so cool it already. Multiple people answered your question so grow up already.


You get a crystal in the crystal cave on the little mound in the middle of the crystal room. It bonds to you. It's special. It even has your name. Wow. Not much more to it than that.


As for the pearl crystal, what pearl? Both my bro and I got this cool red crystal thing with a weird name. Perhaps it depends on alignment? Oh, and Sion gives this neat-o looking crystal at the end, but I never got around to equiping it, because, y'know, the game was over. Pointless. Perhaps this time (my new character) I'll run back through the place and find that damned workbench :( Might make me even more powerful :D


While the bonded crystal doesn't change the blade colour, the crystal itself changes colour. When I first got it, it was like, transluscent or something. Then later, as I went darker and had it realigned to me, it spoke of it being a different colour and hazy or something. I dunno *shrugs*

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the thing I didnt understand was how the heck were u supposed to equip the ultima crystal....u get it at malachor 5, and I didnt remember any workbenches there, and u cant have t3 in ur party...soo....what the heck...


I got an ultima pearl on Dxun. But there is a workbench on Malachor V in the "Proving Grounds"

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