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Med Pac shops on Nar Shadaa

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....make some...?


Where would I make some? Im at a part where I cant go back to the Ebon Hawk, and I wouldnt know where to go in the city.


There are two merchants at the first area you land in. They have a quest though where you have to chose to support one over the other. I am pretty sure they both have med-packs for sale.


If not, try lowering the game difficulty for the section you are stuck in.

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Im at the part where I have to save Mira by going into the bar. I barely have enough medpacs. Is there any way to get more? Ive walked around the planet atleast 4 times looking for someone who sells medpacs and cant find anybody.


I actually had this same prob


I found NO medpacs on Nar Shadaa except for the ones Atton gives me

and I had to use those on him in the Twin Suns fight...arghhh


well, at least my character has Improved Heal (!)

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