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armour and robes

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hey all..im new here and am looking for some people to help me with a armour database project im doing ..if you wish to help..great!..all you need to do is give the name of the armour/robes their class(heavy,light etc) how much it cost you..or where you found it..and the breif decription the game gives it....thanks in advance for the help........i will remember to list you in the guide as contriubutors

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well a question to whoever. are alot of the robes found randomly? like does stuff grnerate randomly in lockers. cause i went through the cave on korriban and checked everything, and found no robe, then the game froze and when i restarted and went back through the cave again, in a jar that i swear previously had a life support thingie, it now had a Matukai apprentice robe. so anyway if its random then giving locations for robes and such will probably only work for when its being sold at a shop. if its not random then u can find the Matakai apprentice robe in the cave on korriban in one of the jars!!

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