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KOTOR 2 Voice Actors (Minor Spoilers)

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Ladies and Gentleman,:thumbsup:



I haven't got KOTOR 2 at all and I don't get KOTOR 2 till Feburary but guess what I stumbled upon by accident? yes all the voice actors for KOTOR 2!



Now be warned some of the names may spoil it for you,This list provides all the names of all the voices in the game as far as I know, now there are some names from KOTOR,So look at the voice actors at your own risk!



Any way




Cheero! :)


Bastilla Skywalker



Offical Voice Actors Have Been Voiced!!!!



Kreia:Sara Kestelman

Atton Rand:Nicky Katt

Bao Dur:Roger G. Smith

Visas Marr:Kelly Hu

GO-TO:Daran Norris

Handmaiden:Grey Delisle

HK47/HK50:Kristopher Tabori

Mira:Emily Berry

Sion:Louis Mellis

Disciple:Greg Ellis

Atris:Elizabeth Rider

Mandalore:John Cygan

Master Vrook:Ed Asner


additional voices:

Andre Sogliuzzo, Andrew Chaikan, Andy Secombe, Anthony May, Billy Brown, Brian Deacon, Carolyn Seymour, Charles Seymour, Charles Dennis, Chris Cox, Corey Burton, Crystal Wright, Daran Norris, Darren White, David Collins, David Robb, David Weatherly, Elizabeth Conboy, Ingrid Lacey, James Horan, Jamie Glover, Jennifer Hale, John Callen, Jonathan Morris, Kath Soucie, Lex Lang, Lorri Holt, Louis Mellis, Michael Gough, Nick Chilvers, Nick jameson, Paul Venables, Phil Lamarr, Rafael Ferrer, Raphael Sbarge, Robin Atkin Downes, Roger L. Jackson, Seeta Indrani, Steve Blum, Tim Omundson, Tish Hicks,

Tom Kane,Vannessa Marshall






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Same dude who did the voice for


is in? Interesting...



Jennifer Hale

is in too, yay!

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Ecxellent-but why Jennifer hale in additional Voices

Wait and find out.



Also Saravok is a major bad guy in the great game Baldur's Gate.

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Funny, Nalia/Viconia is back :blink:

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