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I no bout aussies, how bout brits?

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Fromt the site below, it says the game is avaliable for pre-order from 11th Feb, so it will problably be out in stores around a week or two after that.


I'm pretty sure that actually means you can preorder it *now* for release on 11 February, the amazon.co.uk and play.com sites seem to confirm this.

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it says pre order FROM not FOR. that must mean you can pre order it starting the 11th no?


No offence but did you actually look at the page? It doesn't say either From or for, simply 'Preorder- 11-Feb-2005'. If you click 'preorder', however, you go to a basket page which contains 'Available 11-Feb-2005'. In otherwords you can preorder it now for release on Friday 11 February. Only 64 days to go!

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It comes out in Australia in Feburary here too...I am dying for the game too...I really can't wait to play the game and start weilding a lightsaber and wearing the Jedi robes in honar!


My normal policy is that because the manufacturers make me wait longer until it gets released, then I make them wait to get my money when I buy it


I have created a backlog of games to play and so I wait until the price of the game drops, maybe even wait until it goes "classic" and then buy the game at a lower price


That way the sales figures and probably the profits too are lower


I figure that customers should be treated fairly and if they are not (like having to wait) then this is the only way I can show my frustration :thumbsup:


I do the same for DVD films too


The world games market (excluding US/Japan) is fed up with waiting for game releases. I know because this is a topic that I have seen raised by other people at several forums that I am a member of

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According to Amazon it's released on the 11th, and available tfor preorder now. (I think it's just bad wording on Game's behalf).


With all the delays, I did consider holding off buying it but, then figured what do they care? The only profit threat they care about is piracy - and I don't think you can get away with telling lLucasarts that you've decided to move the payment date back ;)

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