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There is only 1 fault i have with the game so far

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I was a little dissapointed with the opening scroll text. Now it makes sense why they never leaked it before the game came out. It would have hurt the game's buzz.


This has always been the set-up for each movie. When the reviews talk about why KOTOR 2 dosen't have the epic feel of KOTOR 1 the reson for this starts out with the opening text. Re-read the first one then read the second one and see what i mean. They could have referenced some stuff form Kotor 1 like Malak's defeat at the hands of Revan (which happens regardless of light or Dark) before going into the whole lack of jedi/sith running rampant thing. Out of the whole ST mythos (or whateva you want o call it) the opening text is the part that represents the old movie serials the most so the text should have a grandure to them that it just dosen't in KOTOR 2. Plus is it just me or does the amount of text not fully cover the music like it supposed to. again check the first one then then second and tell me what u think...


Devs your input would also be appreciated...

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