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:D Got ya GOA Very funnybut for me I would be Jedi, Wait what Am I saying I'm sion for pete sake I can be the sith lord and I would be the sith lord but I would start out as A Jed/Sith Sentinel then Move to Sith Marauder then Move to Sith lord :thumbsup:

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I'd do what i wanted, consular except i would learn a ****load of lightsaber moves then id get disgruntled and go on a jaunt thru the unknown regions and find a new planet where i could use my force moves on half the pop-u kno like push them wit the force and make em think it was the guy behind em and theyd halve a little fight and, force whirlwind their asses, or choke em and make one try to do the heimlick maneuver on him while i make his sister jump off a cliff-of course theyd have to be pygmies or smurfs or somethin. and no one would kno...

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I'd be a hutt. Smoking my hookah and watching dancing girls all day...when boredom hits..there's always feeding annoying people to my rancor.  :cool:

YES Swwwwwweeeeeeeeettt....... Always nice to meet a fan. :p Just for that I won't feed you to my rancor. ( Maybe )

It's funny when the rancor dies and the tubby beastmaster cries. :-

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