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Why Are You Looking Forward To KOTOR 2?

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Hello :thumbsup:


Why are you looking forward to KOTOR 2? Can you give us a few reasons why you are looking forward to KOTOR 2! Are You looking forward to seeing Revan or saving the Galaxy? or owning the Galaxy?




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I want to get it because i'm curious as to what happened to everybody from kotor1, i like the story we know so far, the cool features, the much better (as it seems right now) romancing. There are so many things to write on this, but i don't want to right a whoel essay, so... :D

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I like Star Wars. I like RPGs.


Add it together, and you've got your answer.

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Sequel to 2003 game of the year

Read my name

I am desperate, and will go insane if I dont get it in Feb for my PC.

NARF!, look I am already stating to go insane.

Simply gonna be one of the greatest games ever.

Want to find out what happens to (at least some) of the original crew.

Chris' Designer Ramblings make it look all the better.


OK you wont want to hear the rest of my list, it would take until Feb to finish, so I will leave it at that.

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It'll be a kick ass game plus we will find out what happened to Revan. Which is good than I can finish my story on Revan.

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I'm not.  I am still leery of this title and I have no particular love for the Star Wars setting or LucasArts.




Yes, its probaly a bad thing for you when the game is released, no one to agitate if everyone is off enjoying the game, I guess you just have to move on

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I liked KOTOR because it gave the opportunity to play my Star Wars "movie".

If KOTOR 2 is anything like KOTOR i will surely enjoy it, let alone if it is gonna be better.

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Well, let's see...


I'm looking forward to the darker storyline, plumbing the depths of the new and improved NPC's, and a more morally ambiguous game in general.


Also, any game that has Chris Avellone as lead designer gets my money.


Oh, and I'm looking forward to finding out that Kreia is actually Bastila. ;)

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