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What do you think of Pazaak?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Pazaak?

    • Pazaak is awesome, but just in the game.
    • Pazaak is good, just for inside the game.
    • Pazaak is awesome, it should be outside the game too.
    • Pazaak is kinda good, I'd play it outside the game too.
    • I just played Pazaak for the money.
    • Pazaak sucks, it is sithspit.
    • You know ... I don't care!

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The Problem with Pazaak.....


It wasn't a fair game, plain and simple. The fact that you ALWAYS had to go first in the game was a rather big disadvantage. If you think about it and follow the probability you know what I mean. You go over faster than they do, and they always can wait to see what you do before their move. Now obviously you can decrease the odds by having a good "Deck". That was another thing that upset me.... +/- 1 cards were like hard to find and expensive. In fact, a +/- 1 card is no better than a +/- 5 card. Your best bet was to just load up a bunch of +/- cards and hope that they were randomly chosen for your deck. Thus Pazaak = crap game. Hopefully if it's in this game they have improved it....

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