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Buying a new video card


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I'm not sure what the LE version is but usually the lower priced cards are ones that have a reduced number of pipelines and lower memory and processor speeds. ATI had a card called a Radeon 9800 SE that was half the pipelines of a normal 9800 and seriously handicaped memory and processor speeds. I'd recommend going for the regular or ultra versions. How much are you willing to spend? I bought a Radeon 9800 Pro for $250 last year and haven't had a problem since.

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Firstly, have you invested in the proper skill trees for overclocking? The LE version (If it's similar to the SE version of the ATI cards) would probably pack some pretty similar punch to the more expensive versions, though I'd have to investigate that as I've never used Nvidia but once in my life....then moved on to ATI with greener overclocking pastures. :(

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