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Ur favorite KOTOR jedi or sith besides Revan

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LS: Jolee


DS: Uthar

Just because you're a bit thinner than your even fatter mum it doesn't mean you're in excellent physical shape, if you could fit through the door and view the normal people you'd notice that cheeseburger boy. Squid suck.

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Jolee was the best. He was just a grumpy, old, non-jedi man. With a lightsaber. And force powers. (Anyone remember the first time you heard that. A laugh, perhaps?)


As for Sith, definately Darkside-turned-Lightside Bastila. She was no longer arrogant and a real b!tch.


Permanent Sith? Yuthura and Uthar (you can make his name out of hers!) Why Yuthura? Because she screamed real good and loud when she was blown through the air by the Deadly Plasma mine I had set on the ramp in the final tomb. Why Uthar? Because he was stupid enough to keep running up the ramp after Yuthura found the mine. Where there's one, there's more. That's the way I like my Sith: Stupid and, as a result of their stupidity, dead. What I really liked about him was that he died in the funniest position. Since he went down on the ramp, he began to slide down, except that his legs didn't become level with the ramp. He stopped really suddenly, his head through the static and his body "hovering" above the ground.

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