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Do you actually care what happens

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Guest ChaosStorm

I care... for some of the characters. Don't care too much about others. Zaalbar for example. Don't care what happens to him as I don't like wookies (but I won't tell them that in the face). I do care what happens to characters I like, as Bastila, Revan and HK47

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Well.. Some characters I couldn't really care less about. T3-M4 or whatever the garbage can is called. He'd better have something of a personality this time instead of just "blip, bleeeeeep, blep-blip, blooop".


Canderous was boring. His final dialogues indicated somewhat of a change of character to the better, or going neutral at least. He might have something to say in k2, but I'm not holding my breath.


Jolee, was interesting enough, but very frustrating. Like Jan Jansen in BG2. "My old pappie used to boil them turnips, but old grampy bones blah blah blah". If he died during the 5 years, I'm not crying.


Bastila, I'm sure we will find close to Revan.


Mission would be nice to have back, 5 years older. It must be those head-tails wiggling.


Zaalbar, I hope, is back on Kaazhyyk and will remain there.


Juhani could, at best, be a merchant in k2. Or a murder victim, and you have to find the murderer.


Carth will probably be around telos and his sith kid.

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It's a bit late for suggestions now, as i think the game is virtually finished and is undergoing QA and polishing. I hope we will see all the old characters, and especially the core trio of Revan/Bastila/Carth. As far as T3-M4 goes, i hope they have implemented some sort of translator-display, like the one Luke has in his X-Wing for R2-D2.

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I dont understand how one could NOT care what happens with the characters? I dont usually get excited over games, but Im so very curious of K2

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I would like to see all of them back in some fashion or another. Maybe not all of them as having cameo's but at the very least you hear about what happened or maybe find their remains somewhere. As to the returnee's that will be in your party, I really don't know who I would like, except the fact that I am glad Juhani won't be one of them :p

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Mesa is bigga wuss. Mesa wanten to seein what happening to my 3 fav chracters. Revan and Bastila (who wesa will mosta likely geten a cameo for) and Jolee. Also Carth, and howen hisa story hasen evolved with hisen son.


The HK-47 i want to maken a return aswell. The others, mesa woulden liken to see, but not as much.


(Apologys for da Gungan talk)

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