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Quote you want to hear in KOTOR2

Which quote do you want to hear in KOTOR2?  

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  1. 1. Which quote do you want to hear in KOTOR2?

    • "I have a bad feeling about this...."
    • "I have become more powerful than any Jedi!"
    • "Fear is my ally......."
    • "Wipe them out, all of them."
    • "Give in to your anger........"
    • "I can't see anything out of this damn helmet!"
    • "Atton, get your hand off my rump!"
    • "*Beep Boop Bop Beep*"
    • "$%&*!"
    • "Moocha Shaka Paka"

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Something about Exar Kun and his Greatness.


Oh, and that text about Sion too...


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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"Don't do it, Gluupor!"



Li'l jaws Li'l jawas..



moocha shaka paka






"I did it all for the wookies"







LMAO! ;) All legendary lines!


Here's a couple more:

  • "I'm going to enjoy gutting you!"
  • "So, Malak was the original meatbag."
  • "Are you deaf, flipperhead? Let's get on with it!"
  • "Sorry lady, looks like your order's up."
  • "I want a Basilisk war droid!"
  • "Sith, Selkath, doesn't matter, I'll kill anything that gets in my way."
  • "Nice human... goood human" -HK
  • "Wait, wasn't that supposed to be my line? -Jolee
    And now presenting...the best line ever....*drum roll*....
    "Warning: Touch the Master's blade and lose an arm, meatbag!" -HK

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*Moocha shaka paka* *Kepona* *Achuut'aa*

"Some men see things as they are and say why?"
"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."
- Friedrich Nietzsche


"The amount of energy necessary to refute bull**** is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

- Some guy 

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When a massive plot twist is being revealed.....


Sion: "Atton come here, I've something important to tell you. *Inaudiable whisper*. You didn't know that did you?"



PC: "Sorry, what was that? I missed the plot twist."


Sion: "I'll repeat it. *Inaudiable whisper* You never saw that coming did you!"


PC: "Saw what? Speak up."

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"These aren't the quotes you're looking for."

Everyone knows Science Fiction is really cool. You know what PoE really needs? Spaceships! There isn't any game that wouldn't be improved by a space combat minigame. Adding one to PoE would send sales skyrocketing, and ensure the game was remembered for all time!!!!!

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